Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beautiful Spring

Spring has definitely come to the neighborhood. 

I completely forgot about these tulips at the old house. 

I thought I had hyacinths there! 

You can see how big the lilac has grown in five years... but... here's something funny. 

My white lilac is pale purple! 

Oh, well.   It's still a lilac! 

The highways and byways are beautiful. 

Just down the street from us! 

I love this driveway planting. 

They love their suet! 

It's been hot enough (80's) to make our girl pant hard. 

And Jes was glad to have a rest on the cool cement of the porch. 

See these three in the old henhouse?  I had to have someplace to 
put the spare rooster, and I was not going to make him live alone. 

I've opened both popholes daily.  I've even put a cement block there for a step. 
They have YET to go outside.  Tomorrow, if it is not storming... I'm going to set them out one by one.  I may have to chase them with the net tomorrow night, unless they can figure out where they live. 

That means water outside, too. 

The hens were so desperate to scratch they were trying to scratch in the dirt on the henhouse floor. 
That's why I can't bear to see chickens in cages. 
Scratching is just so much a part of their lives. 

I cannot get a good picture of this tree.  About 8 years ago, Keith bought 
me a weeping cherry tree for our anniversary.  You can see the weeping part clearly.  Can you see the branches going straight up?  That is the same tree.. it was the graft on which that weeping cherry was set.  Keith was not given instructions to keep trimming to keep the weeping part trained... and the grafted tree is blooming white... and growing tall and strong.  I can't tell what it is, but if you biggify this picture by clicking on it, you will be able to see the white blooms.  Maybe a Bradford Pear, but I don't think so, from the shape.  

The house is being worked on, and I need to take a picture tomorrow and show you what is being done. 

Here is the apple tree next to it.  I trimmed this up a month ago, it had too many criss-crossing branches. 

And last... the beautiful tulips friends Georgie and Tweedles sent me for my birthday: 

I love tulips and spring! 


  1. heart loves them.

    Great pictures.

    How long did it take before Jester took a rest?

  2. The colors this Spring are so bright and pretty!

    M : )

  3. lovely colors indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy Spring Mary Ann,,
    Its really come on like a run away train ,,, hasn't it?
    All the blossoms are so pretty,,,,the lilacs,, oh we can imagine how wonderful they smell!
    Its looks hot there already!
    It makes us happy to see the blooming tulips from Oregon!

  5. Everything looks beautiful. I have a weeping plum tree -- I'll have to make sure I keep the root stock under control.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures of the flowers, trees, and animals.
    I love your cherry tree.
    My parents driveway is lined with trees (flowering) along the entire driveway.
    That was the last thing my dad did before getting sick and passing away.

  7. The weeping part on my weeping mulberries croaked, but they were both grafted on mulberry stock so all was not lost. One is a white mulberry. The other a red.

    We've moved several trees that have survived. We wait until they are dormant and the ground is soggy. Cut around them with a sharp shooter. Leave them for a week or two, then dig them up. Have had great success even moving some pretty big ones.

  8. Spring is my favorite time of year--even in Tornado Alley! I love everything in bloom.Tulips are my favorite flower :)

    If your lilac was planted before you saw it in bloom, you may have picked one that was labeled wrong. That happened to me with my Rose of Sharon. It was the Collie Mullens variety--huge bush! We've enjoyed it regardless.

  9. You've got a little more Spring than we do right now.... *sigh New England is taking her time waking up....

  10. Everything is spring at your house, we are behind you but starting to catch up. We loved that last picture!!!
    stella rose

  11. All the beautiful flower buds. Are you going to do some zoomies in that grass?
    Lily & Edward

  12. your tulips are so pretty! i love the way those people planted their driveway.

  13. I just love seeing all the pictures of spring! Hooray for blooms, green grass and warmer weather. Even 80 would feel good for a day or two! :)

  14. Warms the heart to see such beautiful colors!


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