Friday, April 10, 2015

A Friday in Spring

First, I have to talk about Thursday night! 

I got the word late in the day that there was a spring program 
at my youngest grands (on my side) school. 

Jax's (in red) program was last night... they drummed on Lowe's buckets... LOUDLY. 

And then they sang.  It was a lovely program. 

Paiton's is on Tuesday evening. 

Daily, I go by a big field where there were 13 horses and five cows all winter.  I have showed them to you several times.  

Two weeks ago, only five horses and one calf were left in the field. 

The man who owns these lives directly across the road, and he had moved some. 
He works for his family's construction company, and also is a trained farrier... he used to trim our pony and minis. 

This morning, as the dogs and I came around the bend, I saw NO HORSES or calf. 

I was stunned... and as I came along the road, I found ONE horse left, who was 
clearly a nervous mess, looking at her mates who were now across the road in the big 
pens around the main barn.  I figured they had gone over to be trimmed. 

She was clearly upset. 

When I came back this evening, five were back in the pasture.  I still never saw the calf. 

Here were some other horses I saw this morning.  They were both 
clearly laughing at me.  

Magically, nine horses appeared in this pasture a week ago. 

Part of them. 

This red beauty wasn't a bit afraid of me. 

Nor was his friend. 

A crane flew overhead.  It wasn't until I cropped the picture that I 
saw the stick that was being carried! 

Somewhere, a nest was being constructed. 

This jay was high up in a tree, and did not look like a jay! 

When he took off, I could see the blue. 

Someone rolled in something STINKY. 

And had to ride next to me on the way home.  

Someone else thought about it, but didn't do it. 

I've been checking for morels daily... we are to have 
seventies again tomorrow, and then warm rain on Sunday. 
I think we'll have our yearly morel meal on Sunday or Monday.  

Last night I ran to do the chicken chores alone, after the program at school. 

I saw two does in a pasture, but the darn camera kept focusing on the grass along the road. 
I was able to get only a couple of one doe in focus... does anyone know why she has the 
two bulbous swellings on her hocks? 

The other doe was very shy, and went for the trees. 

I saw a big turkey cross the road in front of me this evening while we 
were on our way out... but not in time to get the camera up (and stop the car). 

And speaking of the chickens, here's Rooster Cogburn, looking hale and hearty 
after two weeks with his girls. 

Rooster Blooey and his two girls are over in the old 
henhouse, but STILL haven't gone out in the run! 

Pictures of them in the next few days. 


  1. What a neat bunch of photos for today!

  2. Glad you got to attend the Spring program. Children seem to love performing and I know they appreciate having those they love in the audience too. That picture of the laughing horse if a winner ! It's been in the 50's here with rain most of the week, but the sun is up this morning. I'm very thankful to see it too !

  3. Mary Ann,

    You always have beautiful pictures. I love horses, and any picture taken of them.

    LOL......Your silly dog loves to roll in stinky does mine. I just don't understand why they love that stinky stuff :-)

  4. What fun photos Mary Ann. The horses are beautiful and you captured some good photos!
    And of course "little stinky" and Lilly too.
    You take the best photos!

  5. I think those are scent glands on the doe's hocks.

  6. That sorrel is a beauty! I love the coloring of the one in the 1st pic.


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