Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gardening and an Experiment

Today is Granddaughter Paiton's spring program at school, 
so I am posting a little earlier than normal. 

Over the weekend, I re-potted most of the tomato and 
pepper plants downstairs. 

Here they were a month or so ago. 

Here are part of them on Saturday... don't you LOVE my set-up? 
Yes, those lights are balanced precariously on the wood-standing-on-it's-side. 

I have everything transplanted except the coleus and the six or so tomato plants you see on the left. I went to Walmart yesterday to get more big Jiffy pots and some more soil for them, and I'll finish up tomorrow. 

And here's the rest of the set-up... cool, huh????  

These are two kinds of tomatoes and one kind of pepper, 
growing on.  They are good, healthy plants. 

It's still a little too early to plant here, but Michaele 
also is experimenting with Gro Tunnels... I would like to 
try that.  Our veggies are being planted in containers, though. 

As you see here, the deeper pots I started them in allowed for good 
root systems. 

This morning, I read my friend Michaele's blog, Sprout 'n' Wings, and 
one of the things she wrote about was trying to eat something found in the wild. 
(not a morel) 

So, I gave it a shot.  She wrote about curly dock. 

I did not take a picture of it "in situ", so you will have to 
read Michaele's blog entry to see it ... 


Here are some of the larger leaves washed and ready to oil. 

I should have picked much smaller leaves, and I realized that, and did. 

This was from our pasture at the old place. 

I wised up and cleaned the smaller leaves then.  I sprinkled olive oil on them (too much, I think) 
and sea salt (too much, I think). 

Here they are, fresh out of the oven... and I have to tell you... they are GOOD. 
Now I understand why people rave about crispy kale... these are along the same lines, I'm sure. 

So, I'll have to pronounce this experiment successful! 

Thanks to Michaele. 

By the way,  here are the dead horses from yesterday's blog entry: 

Hale and hearty, as you see!  The fourth was just out of camera range on the right, you 
can see part of his tail! 


  1. I've eaten dock mixed with other greens and thought it was okay. I'm betting it would be even better your way!

  2. I'm not as brave as you were, eating that curly dock. I can't remember eating anything growing in the wild except for strawberries. They were tiny and very sweet.

  3. very cool plant set up you have there.

  4. I've always loved a roan horse. Beautiful guys.

    Thanks, but I'll pass. I don't think I want to eat stuff growing in the yard for fear of upsetting my digestive system.


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