Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Wet Weekend

This beautiful blue heron took off out of the drainage ditch as I went by on Thursday. 

I could not get a closer picture of him.  Does anyone have any idea what the white pvc pipes are for? 
There are in this field and the next, and I have not seen them anywhere else.  These fields 
are in bottom land, near a creek that has been known to flood. 

Same ditch, this morning... green winged teal. 

This barred owl was on the Holy Angels Cemetery sign on my way 
home from church last night.  
I posted him on Facebook... (Mary Ann Yoder)... I am so glad to 
see so many owls healthy and living well in Leavenworth County. 

The rain yesterday morning has made the creeks run large, and the countryside 
really green up. 

I've seen a hawk or two, usually when I can't stop. 

Oh, for the sun.  

The lone turkey girl I keep finding in the bottom corn field was there again yesterday...

But had a friend with her!  I have only seen her alone until yesterday. 

This looks like an empty picture.  However... it's the two big fields across from the corn patch in the upper two pictures.  Notice anything? 

There were two turkey hunters out early this morning. 
I know I'm crazy, but I said a prayer that the two turkey hens went north instead of south. 

I have been trying for weeks to get a picture of this flock of sheep.

This morning, they were right up by the fence... aren't they lovely?  I know next 
to nothing about sheep... but I do know it is difficult to get small flocks shorn in Leavenworth County. 

We had a few minutes of sun this morning, sort of watery sun... but it is still overcast as I type this. 
The dogs did not get to go for a run yesterday, so were eager to get out of the car this morning. 

Jes ran for the pasture immediately. 

You would not know that Troy cut the yard for us on Thursday night.  The rain since then has 
made the grass grow like crazy. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. i am expecting that rain at any time now and we sure do need it! that owl is gorgeous!

  2. Nice tip about the sheep sheering in the area, and lovely shots as always. 'Specially the owl!

  3. I'm wondering if those pipes might have tree seedlings planted in them? It's a little hard to see, but along creeks in our area we see a lot of them. As the trees grow, they help with erosion and help to filter the water.

  4. We have no idea about the pipes!
    Beautiful photos,, and that owl was amazing.
    We have had some sunny days- which have been nice!

  5. No, you're not crazy (or we BOTH are). I pray for the hunters' targets, too.

  6. As always your pictures are a welcome sight. Look at all the dandelions blooming away there. Rain does make things grow faster. We've not had to cut the grass here yet, but rain moved in here yesterday evening and I'm sure we'll be mowing soon. Hope you have a wonderful Monday !

  7. I needed your zoom lens yesterday afternoon at the lake. 2 eagles soaring around. too far away for my camera.

    I love my hubby...he said "seeing them made the trip worthwhile". He's such a sweet guy.

    We had tons of rain and bad storms on friday night. Our yard is a mud pit. Put in an order with the neighbors for a dump truck load of clay gravel to fill in the ruts.

  8. Mary Ann,

    I've heard of PVC pipes sticking out of the ground on property for several reasons. One for planting trees, another for mining claims. I just love your pictures of the birds....especially those owls :-)


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