Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Wonderland

The Fourth Sunday of Advent is all about Peace... and we had peace on the hilltop at Calamity Acres 
this morning. 

It's hard to believe it, but our beautiful Lilly Ann will be seven years old next summer. 
She flew off the deck in front of me as I started to do chores... I had to do them slowly, and shovel the gates open... as I went... but she did not let 3 inches of snow stop her. 

And she took off for the bottom of the pasture to bark back at Bob, the Spehar's dog, who was following the plow up and down their driveway. 

She knows how to rest, too!

These guys did NOT like the snow, oh, no!
I stocked them up inside, and that's just where they are... 

Though they DID come out for a minute to have breakfast. 

Let me tell on myself... yesterday, knowing we were going to have sleet, I put the bowls up on the top of the hayfeeder you see here.  Last night, I walked over, got them, set them down far apart from each other.... and then forgot to pick them up again. 

Didn't I have fun this morning in the snow???

Looking out the window as I am posting this, I see Deelilah out looking around.  She has seen at least six winters in her life. 

The old henhouse shrinking flock... there are only 14 left... were so glad to get their warm water this morning.  I don't have enough power left in there to run a heater base anymore, so I carry warm water to them in the morning.  I have to dump these waterers at night, so they are always ready to get a drink. 
 They wanted out, too, but their pophole has frozen shut in the sleet yesterday, and 
I will have to take a hammer and screwdriver and try to break it open. 
Once they saw the snow, they would not have been so eager to get out, and if the pophole 
stays shut... the starlings can't get in. 

There is a feeder and a water bowl up on top of the closet you see here for the 
rafter dwellers, Roosters One, Two and Three... and the tiny bantam hen I have left in there, Black Tail. 
Oh... and Speedy Gonzalez. 

I do have a heat lamp, a chick light, in the other half of the building, the feed room side, for Butch and our old Polish hen, Buffy.  Buffy has lost the ability to perch, and she hunkers down in the straw now at night, so I moved her to Butch's side so she can at least get under the warming light. 

What's THAT stuff ?  Fluffernut wanted to know. 

She did not go out, and neither did any one else from the henspa.  
The crazy thing is, THEIR yard was free of snow in the center, and they could always peck around under the henspa.  

Gosh, there must have been moisture on my lens... imagine that!... but you get the drift, the henspa crowd was more than happy to be inside! 

I went to church last night while it was only sleeting, so Keith and I are going to sit and watch the Chiefs beat the Colts here in about an hour... and since the weather has wrecked my family weekend Christmas plans, we are going to roll with it... drive to Garnett tomorrow when the roads are opened, and to KCK to my son's on Tuesday. 

We are expecting to dive down to zero for the next two nights... hard on the old birds, so I am crossing my fingers. 

I saw this on Facebook this morning, thanks to P.Allen Smith of the Garden Home....

I am SO doing this next year, with a new one, of course!  
What a great idea for a farm with chickens!

The hard-working road crews of Leavenworth County had our road plowed up and down by 7:30 this morning!  Thanks, guys!

Have a great start to your week, everyone, despite the cold and snow, if you have it!


  1. Snow is better than the ice but still not really inviting when it's cold . When I saw the picture of the goats I thought you have a real life nativity going on there...Keep warm and hopefully you'll be able to travel on good roads tomorrow and on through Wednesday too!

  2. What a fun idea with the M & M's in the chicken feeder!! I'll have to remember this one. Be careful out there driving today.

  3. Your home is lovey with the snow everywhere!! Stay warm and inside!!

  4. I went from sitting by a cold window looking out at the ice and snow and the vehicles now somewhat cleaned off (by me) to sitting in my recliner with a warm blankey looking at your snow pictures. You take such good care of your animals which must be quite a chore in this cold weather. Neat idea for M&M's. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon at home and had the winning team.

    P.S. Did all the starlings you hoped the frozen popholes would keep out of your henhouse come down here to feast under my bird feeders?? I hadn't seen any eating there this winter until today when yours were locked out!!! Guess that is a little far for them to come to dinner.

  5. Oh how I miss my winter wonderland. Here it is not wonderland and it is barely winter.

  6. How beautiful! Hard to believe on this very day you are dealing with a winter wonderland and here i am on 40 degree celcius day , filling up the chicken water containers with iced water to try and cool them off! Christmas greetings from Australia!

  7. and we had 74 degrees here today but t startes to fall tonight. i want snow!

  8. The new snow on the porch is pretty but I am glad we just got the cold and no snow with it. Hope your new plans work out. Merry Christmas!

  9. Sometimes when I think its cold- its nothing compared to what you have in your world!
    I know the chickys are so thankful you are a good momma and get them warm water to drinky in the mornings.
    Very beautiful photos - you always share with us
    and you must be so tired- yet you keep going and going and going.
    be careful

  10. Looks like it's going to be a white Christmas for you folks. Stay safe and warm and a very Merry Christmas!

  11. No wonder you are pooped Lilly. That snow must be fun. Stay warm

  12. Be careful of driving today. We liked that m & ms idea...lily knows her way around that farm doesn't she!!!
    Merry Christmas
    Stella rose and momma

  13. What a great candy dispenser idea!!!!

    I just love those goats too...

  14. I love fresh fallen snow, standing outside and you here
    nothing! Such peace and quiet after snow falls.

    Stay safe!

    M : )


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