Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Big 4-0

Can you believe that after 5 days, we hit the Big 4-0 today?  

I did water twice for the ducks with NO COAT!  

I promise you it will not last long, they are talking about snow for Thursday. 
However, Keith's Christmas present, the Oak Ridge Boys concert in Topeka on Tuesday, looks good as far as weather is concerned.  Yee ha! 

You will have to take my word that the goats had a great romp around the yard, running and running for sheer joy... and browsing upon all sorts of things that had been covered under the light snow we got, and frost.  

They went happily back to their pen, and the henspa boys and girls came out for an hour of exercise as well. 

Now everyone is at "home".  

This was taken early this morning.  The ponds look pretty leaden down at the bottom of the hill. 

Look up in the tree to the right, do you see it? 

Biggify it by clicking on it..  I'm betting an owl, because that is where one used to sit last year. 

If you biggify it, the shape appears to be that of an owl.  He stayed there for a long time this morning, eyes sweeping the ground. 

 I found two of the Elvi like this yesterday.  Some things just don't have an explanation.  It WAS cold, and I think everyone was sick of being inside and there was some fighting going on. 

I think these two hens, one old and one young, were just trying to keep each other warm in the henspa. 

My little helper was ready to go this morning. 

She made a trip to see her new Dr. this afternoon, the same doctor the goats are now seeing.  His vet tech here is very gentle and good with the animals. 
Yes, she's on an official diet now, with official diet food.  She got a going over, and her nails trimmed, and was very glad to get back home.  

She gets to have her teeth done just after Christmas.  

Meanwhile, our red girl was on duty outside. 

The 40 degree temps today were a teaser, the high tomorrow is expected to be only 23, and with wind chills in the teens.  Oh.  Joy. 

As Keith would say... it's winter in Kansas. 

Tomorrow, the Baking Commences.  

I leave you with a shot of where the ducks are sleeping. 

Taken with a flash last night, and I disturbed them.  I have made a deep bed of prairie hay that they are nestling down in this corner in. 

Here is a better view taken during the day.  I also loaded up the tarped pen with prairie hay, because Aflac has gone in there several times.  They can all nestle down in this and stay relatively warm.  

I got a book in the mail today that I am going to share with you tomorrow... don't know that this one will be a giveaway, but maybe I'll get another copy for one of you! 

I intend to get caught up with everyone's blogs... this weather has just been doing it to me, though... and when I come in from doing chores, I usually need to rest a bit. 

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. Cold weather really does take it out of us farm girls, doesn't it? We actually got to 32 degrees today, but it's in the 20s again now. It's supposed to be warming up this week to normal-for-here temps. I do hope you can make it to the Oak Ridge Boys; we enjoyed them SO MUCH this summer at the State Fair!

  2. Were happy your temps got to 40. And all your animals happy too.
    We are still a frozen tundra.
    I do think that is an owl in the tree-- and maybe its Owlburt my friend coming to see you

  3. Everything takes twice as long in this miserable weather. Stay warm and I hope you have a great time at the concert. Happy Birthday Keith!

  4. Glad you got a bit of a reprieve there. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. It's 16 degrees here this morning. Another day that is good for staying in and keeping warm.

  5. Mary Ann,

    It's time for some warmth!!!! Temperatures rising a little bit, the animals can all appreciate a little warmth, and Mom can slow down a little. You won't have to constantly keep changing out the water to avoid the ice. Stay warm, enjoy this little break. More snow expected.

  6. We had a pretty heavy frost this morning.

    I'll be off tomorrow and friday, getting ready for the pot luck at our house on Sat.

    Have a good rest of the week and a great weekend.

  7. I cannot believe you got up to 40 yesterday, i think we were only at 23 ..and now we are at 7. Abs looked so cute in her little harness! We are so glad her vet visit went well....except for the diet food.
    stella rose

  8. Love your photos! We had a good bit of snow here in Pennslvania both Sunday and Tuesday--and officially it's not even winter!

  9. brrrrr for the Ducks. Surprised they don't want to join the chickens in the coop!!
    Seems to be a really cold winter this year!

  10. Boy, I would love it if the temps reached 40.. if only for a day.
    It would help melt off a bit of snow, and perhaps warm things up, if just a tiny bit.

    Excited for your honey, to go to the concert.
    Travel safely, and have fun.

  11. Love your photos as always. :) Our temps have gone up and down so far this Fall too although now they are just down..... A snowstorm is expected for Saturday. I can't wait!

  12. Great pictures and glad the Vet trip was OK :) It warmed up like crazy here too but it's cold now. Went to 16 F last night which is some of the colder we've had so far this winter. I know its going to get a lot colder eventually. Maybe the Elvi are secret besties? :)

  13. I'm so glad Abby likes her new dr. and is good to go until time to get her teeth done. I just read your current post and saw about the goats hurting Lily. Do they try to charge Abby? Or have you kept them away from her? I had never thought about them doing that. Did Delilah teach the little ones to do that?

    We love the Oak Ridge Boys around here, love their singing and love their good character and all they do to help people. Just good guys all around.


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