Thursday, December 5, 2013

And Winter Descends

Bleak and lonely. 

18 degrees out this morning. 

What's THAT stuff?  Uh huh... I'm not going out there!

While the birds in the old henhouse felt the same way! All of them stayed in. 

One little intrepid helper came with me to do chores.  Her red sister was out running in the yard, but, as I type this, they are both inside here where it's warm.  I was out at 11 to do second waters, and found the duck's water almost frozen again (on top).  I'll check them again at 3.  

The goats were not out of their pen yesterday, and I know they are full of energy... but the deck is so slick that I am afraid we would have a mishap of some kind if I were to let them loose, so for now, they'll stay in their pen.  Besides, it's only gotten up to 20.  Can you believe that two days ago it was 60 degrees? 

There have been hundreds of wild birds at the feeder this morning, and I hope to have some pictures for you either later today, or tomorrow morning.  The Northern Flicker was there, and four crows, and some other birds... so maybe I can get some on camera.  The game camera is set up on the deck, by the water bowl. 

Stay warm, everyone! 


  1. We will soon be in the negative numbers!!! Stay warm and safe :-)

  2. We are at day 3 of -6 or colder. I have a feeling this is going to be a very cold winter.

  3. It is a wee bit on the chilly side, don't you think?

    Take care.

    M :)

  4. Mom Kim here - I think here in Topeka it did get up in the low 20"s today but not looking forward to waking up in the morning with my bedroom upstairs where there is little heat. Even Shiloh'n Diva Shasta, who usually love being outside in the yard, now go out only to take care of business and then bak in as fast as they can. At least we have not gotten the snow and ice amounts that other parts of the country have gotten - YET!

  5. Very smart chickys for not wanting to go outside!
    We are amazed at how the weather did a complete flip in many places.
    The cold is evens slowing down the internet!
    Very nice your feeding the wild birds too

  6. Take care of yourselves in this cold weather! I don't like winter weather at all, but if the ice stays away I'll be a lot happier!

  7. We had a huge drop in temps here yesterday morning at this time the thermometer read 55. This morning it says 31. Good idea to stay in and keep warm as much as possible.

  8. OH it was really cold this morning when mom went to work, no snow but we are supposed to get some this weekend, she loves her warm mattress cover on days like this...
    stella rose

  9. It looks chilly! Now where is your coat!

  10. ..........weird weather............ a few days ago I was running around in a tank top cutting limbs out of trees

    now, I need a arctic parka


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