Saturday, December 7, 2013

We Are All Together in This

I see by the posts on some of your blogs, and by the news... we are not alone in this terrible weather.  In fact, we pray that those of you affected in worse ways... snow... ice... no power... will make it through the next few days. 

That said... it was a pain doing chores this morning. 

The ducks rather hysterically attacked the warm water.  I had to literally lift the two frozen fortexes and beat them against the ground in the four degree weather to break them up.  Tonight, after dark, I am emptying all of them and the ducks will just have to tough it out. 

I made four trips back into the house for warm water and for those of you shaking your heads... I don't usually go to that great length, because I pump water from the pumps by the henhouses, normally.

These guys were out in the cold, and were glad to get their warm water, too.  In fact, when I finish this post, I'll be out the door with more. 

You see what a mess I caused myself last night in the henspa.  I forgot to pour out the plastic waterer, which I am sure is ruined now.  It froze, and the water spilled over.  I filled the main waterer on the floor four times yesterday, and it was dry this morning, some chicken had tilted it just slightly.  These were all glad to get their waters, too.  I have to keep a waterer on top of the nest box for the three chickens still living in the rafters. 

It's going to be interesting to see when this one thaws. 

I took a picture of Abby this morning, who did not want to get out of bed.  You can't see through the window behind her because there is so much ice on the inside of it! 

But when I went into the living room, look upon whom the morning light was shining!

It picked me right up!

And so did this last photo....

For months, I have driven by a small store front in Tonganoxie on Saturday mornings, on my way home from the Good Shepherd.  I saw the small sign on it that said "The Jewelry Shoppe" but I rarely saw people in it. 

Today, I stopped in.  The man who owns/runs it is a farmer, who does this on Saturday mornings only.  
He "fixed" (replaced the battery) and reset my mother's Timex watch, that came to me when my sister died last year.  I have been carrying it in my purse for weeks, hoping to find someone to fix it. 

I cannot believe that it is working again, and on my wrist as I type this. 

My mom used to laugh, because my little sister would always say that she 
"Takes a licking and keeps on ticking"... remember the old Timex commercial? That was my mom to a "T" and to remember all this this morning brought a flood of emotion. 

I have some other watches that need batteries, but the shop will be closed for the next two weekends... I will be taking them after Christmas, though, and I am so pleased to have found someone local to do the work. 

Now, back outside in the now 15 degree weather to do water again! 


  1. Abby looks like she has the right idea :-) Hope you get a respite from the cold soon, it's tiring all that carrying and cold!

  2. I would totally be joining Abby in the nice warm bed after all the outside work. Hope it warms up a little bit for you. It's not that cold up here in NH, yet. Yesterday we were warmer than my friend in Louisiana! Crazy weather we are having here.

  3. that cold weather is headed my way. i love the way the light hit your angel...magic!

  4. My goodness, Mary Ann, I hope you get some rest and relief after all the hard work, in and out of the dreadful cold!! So glad you were able to get that precious watch fixed, and loved the story behind it! Take care and stay warm!


  5. Please stay safe & warm (at least when inside) Yikes! Ice on the inside? Beautiful Angel & what a lovely picture. And, I love your watch!

  6. I don't envy you the outside chores.

  7. Mary Ann,

    It's not going to get warm any time soon. I'm hoping for a light winter but I think that's out the door, lol......

    Stay warm, and enjoy your Mom's watch.

  8. Abby is the smartest little puggy! She knows exactly what she needs to be doing.
    We are all doing so much worrying,, about pipes freezing or something not starting,,, and we worry about all the little birdies outside and wild animals trying to stay warm- and we worry about you and all your animals and how we know you are worrying too,,
    We ask the universe to send love to all of us in the form or warm weather..
    One of our neighbor farms has a hummigbird they are worried about
    be safe- be careful, stay warm
    tweedles and moms

  9. We are having wonderful weather aren"t we.
    Stay warm.

    M :)

  10. It's got to be tough keeping those critters all watered. Hope it warms up soon for you. It's very cold here but I have no need to go outside if I don't want too. Your picture of the angel with the sunlight is beautiful. Glad you got the watch fixed to enjoy. Hope it brings some warm memories for you.

  11. This weather is affecting such a large part of the country-mostly cold here, and the horse water is freezing over. Not fun punching through that in the frigid morn!

  12. Yep, same weather and same warm-water bucket brigade here, too.

  13. I too am hauling water to my poultry & livestock, but hopefully by the end of next week temps will be back to the upper 30's. This cold weather makes me appreciate a warm home and furry friends to snuggle.
    Wow, what a great picture of your tree angel !

  14. I'm glad you found someone to fix her watch.


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