Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Cold Descends and the Christmas Tree(s)

Well, well... those 60 degree temps from yesterday are long gone.  We started out at 40 this morning, so I didn't have to carry waters but used the hose... and now we are at 32 at 4 PM. 

I'm hurrying to post so I can do chores. 

I didn't let the goats out today... and they complained when they ventured out and saw me. 
However, most of the time they were doing this: 

And this: 

And there was very little poking one's noses outside in the cold air. 

It is blowing here, on top of it. 

Many of the chickens decided to stay in, too. 

Abby is extremely suspicious of the Christmas things. 

And here is the "big" tree... the 6.5 footer. 

I hung wreaths behind it this year instead of pictures. 

(Note Abby checking it out). 

I also have a huge pile of magazines to go through and donate to the free pile at the Good Shepherd. 


And here is the small tree: 

 And the sideboard, with some of my Santa collection, and the nativity scene 

This is NOT my parent's nativity scene, which I thought I had found after four years.  I am still heartbroken over it... I used it for 35 years and it has come up missing.  I thought we had found it.  
Chris and I will still be looking for it as we put the boxes away, and going through those that are still in the storage buildings. 

I will show you more of the house over the next few days... I am still plugging away at it, but I do have all the boxes removed to the storage buildings now.  I am going to work on a garland tomorrow, and start sacking the Christmas presents. 

It is very cold out now, down to 30 degrees... with the wind blowing.  I am going to stop here and take some warm water out to the goats.  For the first time tonight... Lilly did not want to go to the pasture to check it out for me.  I don't know if that indicates a predator (which she would not be afraid of) or something else, but I listen to the animals around here. 

Stay warm, Everyone! 


  1. Beautiful trees & decorations! Stay warm.

  2. i guess that cold is headed straight for me! i love all your decorations! do your animals blame you for bad weather? i know teddy blames me!

  3. We are expecting things to change for us as high as 67* today at our house. But we are ready...

  4. Stay warm!

    Your Christmas decor looks great.

    M : )

  5. I think the goaties are very smart to stay in where it is warm!
    Abby- you are so cute snooping around the tree!
    Your house is getting so festive!! What beautiful trees!
    Its cold here too-- its winter for sure.

  6. Your trees and decorations are beautiful. It seems you are colder there than we are for a few days anyway. We had a couple of warmer days and hit 50 yesterday. Now we'll be getting colder with snow moving back in.

  7. I hope you find it. I can't stand knowing I have something and cannot lay my hands on it.

    Off tomorrow.

    Back on Monday.

  8. OH your big tree is huge and beautiful, i can see me, and my sibs just running all around it knocking off the blubs and eating the lights, cos that is what we did last year, now do you see why mom got a little tree for the top of the dresser...bahahhahah....we just love seeing pictures of wanted me to tell you she woke up to snow this morning dusting the ground, the weatherpeople told us we wouldn't be getting any thinks i could do a better job.
    stella rose

  9. I think the goat girls should go in the house, BOL

  10. Smart goats for staying warm. I live up in NH and it has been really cold here too. I was having a hard time getting warm yesterday even after drinking many cups of tea.

    My cats (Max and Abby) have been sleeping under the tree since it went up. Max leaves the tree alone, but Abby keeps pulling one ornament off. It is a stuffed penguin that has a jingle bell on it. I don't mind her taking that one off, but she seems to like to drop it on my face at 6am to wake me up. LOL

  11. That cold hit here too. It was 8 degrees when I went out to milk this morning. Stay warm!

  12. Oh my goodness - Christmas!! Love the pictures of your decorations :-) We'll start putting ours up this weekend, I am like a small child all over again, I love this time of year!

  13. Everything is loveingly decorated!! Lots of lights on your tree - think I need to go out and buy more for ours-- if we put one up-- may just use our ceramic tree.
    Your cute little goats are all snug in their beds!! So smart!!

  14. I'm cold just reading your blog!!


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