Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Happy Weekend Post

Here is Ralph, Keith's dad, at the Hereford House yesterday with little Brynn, 
who was born the day of our family lunch last year!

The Hereford House is a Kansas City landmark, western-themed of course, and famous for 
it's steaks. 

This is the second year we have gone there, and the food was great as usual, and we had very good wait staff. 

As I waited for everyone, I was looking at the chandeliers... aren't they amazing?  They are all hand-tooled leather... as if they were made from saddle leather.  

Andrea, Keith's oldest daughter, and her husband Nick were our guests, because Keith's other daughter, Amber... was busy giving us THIS: 

Meet Carson Joel Sheets, and his big brother Jace... with their proud 
Last year Andrea and Nick missed the lunch because Brynn had just been born, and 
this year, Jesse and Amber were missing.  Don't think that there weren't some jokes going around about next year's lunch!

So today, we celebrated! 

And here is the birthday girl herself, enjoying her cake! 

Keith's mom and dad drove down from Ames, Iowa, for the weekend, and we were so glad to see them. 

(notice the change of clothes after the cake!) 

And cousins Brynn and Jace loved the little schoolbus slide given to Brynn by another set of grandparents. 

As Keith said... these children are very loved. 

And then it was home to do chores after the Chiefs took a lead in their game this afternoon. How wonderful it was to be outside, scores of geese were going back and forth above me, as we are surrounded by beanfields on all sides.  I heard hundreds of them honking, but couldn't get the camera in my hand fast enough to get good pictures. 

And it got up to 40 again, and, as you can see, Icelandia is slowly turning back into Swamplandia. 

Wait... is that a goat in the pasture through the fence? 

Maaa Maaaa ... you forgot to let us in the yard!!!!

There are always chores waiting, and Soon-to-be-Skinny Minny was coming along with me.  I encourage her to get as much exercise as possible. 

Today is the third Sunday of Advent, and in all the beautiful home tours and 
gorgeous house dressing I have seen on the net this month, 
I have seen very little of the Reason for the Season....
The third Sunday of Advent invites us like this: 
"Gaudete"... which means
"REJOICE" as in the command to rejoice! 
Keith and I are doing that tonight, after a weekend of 
loving family... a new baby... seeing the older folks... celebrating a first birthday... and joying in the simple chores it takes to keep things going around here. 
Those are the things that are priceless, and that make us truly joyous. 


  1. Wasn't our sunset beautiful?

    Looks like you had a grand weekend. You
    have some cuties there!

    M : )

  2. You had a blessed weekend for sure!
    Many blessings!
    The photos came out perfect- showing us everything that went on! The smiles on all the faces warmed our hearts!
    Yay for the new Grandbaby!
    The geese in the sky are more than amazing... and no worrys the photos were just perfect

  3. Love your sunset shot. The grands are adorable, congrats on the newest grand! Sounds like a perfect weekend and your
    lovely family had a happy time.
    Take care and have a nice Monday!

  4. Yay on the new grandbaby yayayya! I am glad the weather wasn't so bad that Keiths parents couldn't get down to the party. Great pictures.
    stella roses momma

  5. What fun. I live parties. Cool wagon.. You can pull all the furry kids around

  6. I love the light fixture....would fit in very nice at our house.

    I know last year my sister broke the news she was pregnant.

    Be careful around all that ice!

  7. Isn't it amazing what one year is like with a newborn!! Next year- you'll be celebrating another 1 year old and the 2 year old will be running all around!!
    Enjoy your new babies!!

  8. You certainly did have a beautiful weekend and have many reasons for rejoicing. That sunset is beautiful!

  9. Oh such an uplifting post, thank you for sharing your wonderful news, you are blessed!


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