Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Working Attire

Okay, you may all laugh .

THAT is a sock monkey hat! 


It keeps me warm. 

I wear cotton gloves under neoprene gloves, and if I have to, I put a pair of thermal gloves over them... but the neoprene lets me grab things.  

It is 35 out right now, but it was 8 last night when I went to bed, and 14 when I went out just after Keith took this picture. 

The peppermint fudge I showed you last night did not set up. 
I just realized why. 
I can't tell you, it will make me look even stupider than the picture above! 


So we had something bad happen here yesterday. 
The goats attacked Lilly, and hurt her.  
I try to always make her come in if I am turning them loose, because Delilah has threatened her many times. 
However, it was the two baby girls who attacked her in concert as Keith came down the drive and Lilly was hurt and frightened.  I hurt her helping and called the goats to me, and got them back to their pens, and Lil spent a very quiet evening in the kitchen, laying in the dark on the big dog pads. 
She is fine this morning. 

I fixed the goat's gooses. 
I went to the hardware store and bought bungee cords and tightened  the door of the henyard.  I closed off the opening in the door where they were getting through.  The ducks are out in the pasture, but if they can figure out what to do... they can get through the pophole back into the henyard.  Right now, it is nice out and they are in the goatyard.  The goats TRIED to get into the henyards, but they are blocked, I think. 
They are actually back in their own yard, and wandering in and out into the pasture, which is JUST WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING! 

I know now that with a little work every day, I can make the henyard impervious to the Houdinis, and turn them loose to roam the pasture. 

The ducks are ALWAYS grateful for that first taste of warm water in the morning! 

Abby actually blends in with the colors in the pasture right now.  I am encouraging her to get out there and be a dog... she is on Hill's Metabolic Diet, and I want her to get as much exercise as she can. 
We're on Day Two, and we're really trying. 

And this picture, Friends... makes my heart sing. 

I have been watching them through the window... they are running back and forth between their pen and the fence of the henyard.  I can see Big Mama Jamma with her head down, browsing in the pasture... as she should be!  

Andddddd the 2014 catalogues are rolling in! 

I have not ordered from the bottom three for some years, but I am on the Catalog God's list now... and I am getting them. 
Up top is Baker Creek... I ordered many seeds from them last year, online... no catalogue, so it's nice to have something to hold in my hands.  
I'm almooooosssssttt wanting a snow day to sit and look at them!

This is the book I am currently reading.... and let me tell you, it is GOOD, well-written, and chockfull of good information. 

I used to follow Leigh's blog on Blogger... it is now HERE, and it has always been a very well-written blog. 

I will do a review of the book when I have finished it, and it is not a book I want to rush through. 
DFW, if you see this... thanks for letting me know about this book! 


  1. No problem Mary Ann. I just got my copy too. Hope to be able to take my time with it as well. I received the Baker Creek catalog yesterday also. Love your work outfit by the way!

  2. Oh dear poor Lilly, glad she's ok! That outfit looks perfect for this weather and brings a smile too :-)

  3. I actually love your hat. I have one too

  4. We laughed only because I also have a pink one but it is way to small for our mommas head. Oh poor lily, I am so glad she is okay...those darn goats! I am glad abs is eating her new food and running around. Momma said we are getting to much peoples food lately and she is gonna start watching us better also.
    Stella Rose

  5. When goats gang up it can get really bad. Sorry for the mishap. I think your outfit is just too cute! Wonderful collection of seed catalogs!! I want all of them.

  6. I love those stories, but gosh goats can certainly be a pain! I'll stick to cats I think. Although I'd like my home made goat cheese, if I had goats.

  7. That hat is so cute! There's nothing more important than keeping warm.

    Your goats sound as cunning as mine are! I've had a heck of a time with breeding because one or the other buck has learned to undo the gate latch and never fails to be a third (and fourth) wheel on my girls' dates with their chosen beau! I think this year's kid crop will be a real case of "who's the daddy."

  8. Now I think I need a hat like that one too! Might as well have a little fun as long as we have to bundle up to keep warm. Glad Lily is ok. Sounds like you have the problem in hand though. 15 degrees here this evening. BrrrChill! Take care and keep warm!

  9. I love the hat, Mary Ann~ would love one for myself, actually! :) So sorry about Lilly... that is one reason we didn't keep our goats~ they were very unpredictable at times and even tried to butt us with their horns many times. I said NO WAY to that. :(

  10. Got my Baker's Creek catalog today, in fact I got two for some reason. I'll pass on the extra copy.

    I have a sock monkey hat too. I bought it like 8 years ago for my son. Now that he is 13, he will not wear it anymore. It's mine now. I also have mittens that match. They feel like puppets when I am wearing them. It looks really funny with them on while I am driving. LOL.

    That book looks really good. I read the blog too and love it, so I might have to check out the book.

  11. Hi Mary Ann,, can you believe mommy and me has a sock money hat- black- white and gray- too!!!
    You look very cute- all dressed up and being warm.
    We got thawed today-- (i needed to tell you).
    I hope Lilly is ok-- those naughty goats!
    Lillly is so active- how can she be over wieght? I weigh 12 pounds, and eat some green beans and brocoli with my foods.

  12. You are so cute in your work wear! But poor Lilly! I know it's just the nature of goats to butt but not your sweet babies.

  13. are a brave woman - must be the sock monkey in you:)

    Poor little Lilly - good thing you hubby saw it happening!

    Stay warm and enjoying dreaming of a spring garden!


  14. You can never go wrong with pink. Sounds like a very interesting book, look forward to your review.

  15. Mary Ann,

    Poor Lilly, I hope she'll be alright. I love your ensemble for getting ready to go out and work. It keeps your totally warm and thats what counts.

  16. You look so cute in your hat! Adorable. I have to buy Leigh's new book, very excited about it. This post made me laugh, I'm glad you fixed those goaties!! :)

  17. I'm glad Lily is okay. Abby will be so much more active when the weight starts coming off.

    You should see me....I look like who'd have thunk it!

    I love looking at the seed catalogs. That does look like a good book.

  18. Ducks looking awesome, good pictures..keep it up

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