Friday, December 20, 2013

Back to Reality Weather-wise

Whew, from 63 to 22 in two days!
The wind has a bite to it, and the deck rail became iced-over this morning. 
Our plans changed, and I did not go south to get Nathan, because it was drizzling and freezing further south of us.  
We will drive down together, Keith and I, on Monday, after the weather snow/sleet/rain episode of 
Saturday into Sunday. 
Hopefully, son Jim and his family will be here on Sunday to have their treats and 
get their presents. 

This beautiful handmade butterfly came from our little friend Tweedles, who has been so sick this year, but is getting better. 

Tweedles, it's going to hang on our tree for Christmas!  Thank you! 

This has been the order of the day today.  A good day to bake, it is so cold and windy. 
Keith, God bless him, is attempting to get the last two gifts after he finishes at his office. 
We are supposed to have snow/rain/sleet tomorrow. 

Can you see all the little birds on the ground under the feeder?  The crows have been here, and all manner of jays, cardinals, etc. etc..  They are all drinking on the deck, too, and I actually poured the cold water from that fortex, and put warm water in it about an hour ago.  I'll do that again when I go out to do chores in a bit. Drinkable water is so important for the wild birds. 

One last swim last night for Aflac and Donald... and then I dumped that pool about 7 PM. 
They are using fortexes today to keep clean in, and let me tell you... it's not pleasant carrying that water!  It was sheer luxury to use the hoses for three days! 

And it was good for the ducks and chickens to get down and work that hay I cleaned out of the goatyard and put into the pasture.  I also split three small pumpkins and put them out. 
This morning, we saw a squirrel hightail it across the pasture for some pumpkin seeds!

You can see by the lack of light in this picture that we lost the beautiful sunlight and warmth, and have descended again into the freezer. 

Keith has been so kind this afternoon to go do some last minute shopping, and then we are going to stay in and stay safe during the bad weather expected this weekend. 
I hope you all do the same! 


  1. I'm glad you played it safe and didn't drive in that mess. That's a drastic temp change. YUCK! I hope the family can make it too.

    That's a sweet gift from Tweddles. Glad to hear he's getting better.

    Those cookies look yummy.

    Will be leaving in a few minutes. Catch back up with you in a week.

  2. Could you come over and bake some of those cookies for us? Gosh they look so good. We love Twee's butterfly it will look perfect in your tree and the good thing is everytime you look at it you will see and think of her!
    stella rose and momma

  3. stay safe and warm. we are going to be in the 60's for the next 2 days and then winter is back. i love it but then, i don't have outdoor animals to look after!

  4. Our weather did just the opposite here...from the 20's to the 60's expected this weekend. The snow is quickly turning to mud. I hope you and your animals stay safe and warm this weekend!

  5. Mary Ann,

    Be safe, warm, and enjoy your visit on Monday.
    This weather is hitting us too. We are all hunkering down, and going no where.

  6. We are getting the warm weather that you just had. At this rate, all our snow will be gone in time for Christmas. This weekend is our baking time. We give baked goods for Christmas gifts to our family because we can't afford much, plus I never know what to get them anyway.

  7. I have a feeling all the animals at Calamity Acres love having you for their mom- cause you take such good care of all of them,, and give them tasty things to eat.
    Be carefuls in the cold weather-- don't fall or hurt yourself...
    Keith is a good daddy to all the animals too
    I am glad you like the blue butterfly

  8. It should be interesting to see what weather
    weend up with!

    Stay safe and warm!

  9. We have nothing but rain here today and tomorrow. All the snow has melted except for a few small patches. We'll have our big drop in temps on Monday and then snow will return. It is so dark this morning that it is hard to believe it is daytime. Hope you all stay safe and warm. Ice is terrible.

  10. Wow! That baking looks like a sure fire way of cheering up a wintery day!

  11. My husband finished our shopping last weekend while I baked. Hope you have at least a few warmer days to come. b.t.w, those cookies look delicious.


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