Monday, December 30, 2013

The Here, There, and Everywhere Post

I have a lot of little things to talk about today, and 
the first is kind of a big thing. 

One of my favorite bloggers and a good person is leaving the blogging world. 
Our friend, Deweena Callis, of "Across the Way" on our sidewall down below, is 
going to stop her blog.  She has only been blogging for a year, but I can 
tell you she is a beaut.  She found it was taking up much precious time, and has decided to stop. 

Deweena will be a loss to the blogging world. 

Deweena is not the only one to leave... some others I used to follow 
regularly have stopped, because folks, life and circumstances change, and 
that's all there is to say about that.  I just know that I'll miss Deweena's wonderful posts. 

I'll leave her last post up on our sidebar for a few days, in case you want to read it.  I thank her for reading us so faithfully for the last year. (The link above will take you to it). 

After talking about how I was going to leave everything up until Epiphany, I have undressed the Christmas trees and have taken about half of the things outside to move to the storage sheds.  In a few weeks, Chris will come up to help me rearrange things out there, and we will store everything where it is easily found next year. I am leaving our Nativity scene up until Epiphany. 

Look what I'm doing:

Chris will be so proud of his old Gran. 

I am marking EVERYTHING this year. 

On the top and on the side, so we can SEE WHAT WE ARE DOING. 

Quite the organizer! 

Of course, there is a mess in the living room right now. 

And a mess on the porch, which stretches out by the sheds... because I have things stacked out there, too. 

Lilly Ann, by the way, would absolutely blow a gasket to know that there are CHICKENS ON HER DECK.  I let the henspa flock out to get some exercise.  Mysteriously, it has gone up to 30 degrees, so I am going to go out shortly and hitch up the cart and move some of those boxes the easy way across to the storage sheds.  The goats are in the pasture getting some exercise, and away from where they can get in my way. 

Here was the start of our soup for tonight's dinner.  I added orzo and small pieces of chicken. 

We're having corn muffins with it.  Simple and filling and good. 

And I made some celery sticks filled with pimento cheese for Keith to snack on, as we are trying to get away from the Christmas candy. 

I wanted a goat ornament for the tree this year, because we have goats now. 
I found one in the unlikeliest of places... at the Vaile Mansion gift shop.  I got a goat, a rabbit and a deer, all like this little one.  They were each 3.00, and I was glad to get them, as there were only the three. 
I never saw another goat ornament the whole season.  

Last night on PBS was a holiday special for "Call the Midwife", a series I dearly loved. 

While watching it, I looked down at the afghan covering my lap. 
This is it... is it not beautifully made?  I paid 3.00 for this one and for a plain 
brown one at an estate sale this year.  They were beautifully and probably lovingly made by someone in the past, and I am blessed to have them. 

I'll tell you something else I am blessed for... as I sat at the kitchen table this morning 
writing the checks for the few bills I pay around here... I began to decide to which charities to send 
money this month... I have a few that I try to get several times a year... and a new one or two. 
I realized while writing the small checks to them that I am able to do this because of Keith's kindness to me. 
It is Keith who carries the financial burden here, and always has.  Yes, I helped while working... and I have used my 40lK money to do some of the improvements... but Keith is the one who carries the load, and because of his largesse, I am able to help others.  God bless him. 

I have also spent some time with these favorites this morning.  
I was sorely disappointed with my "heirloom" tomatoes last year, and the touted 
SuperSauce.  I am going to be much pickier with what I order, because I hope to start seeds indoors again. 
I am looking at flower seeds, too. 

I do have some Baker Creek lettuce left over, and some other odds and ends, but am 
in no hurry to get everything out... yet. 

One other thing, in this eclectic post... I realized after "speaking" with 
Deweena that I have changed in my blogging habits, too. 

For several years, I sat down at the computer for several hours a day, reading blog after blog. 
I don't do that anymore.  It seems I have enough to do without sitting in front of the computer for hours on end, and Abby lets me know by barking when I have sat too long.  I rarely am on Pinterest any more, either... because I realized that once pinned, I was not going back to really LOOK at things.  Yes, I still pin... but I am more judicious in what I am pinning.  Things change, don't they? 


  1. It's amazing how messy things are while tidying up isn't it. That is a lovely afghan. I have to make myself go back & look at my pins. If the link doesn't take me anywhere, away it goes. Keith is truly a special person to carry the financial load now. I hope you guys have a safe & Happy New Years celebration.

  2. You have a great start there with taking down. I put away a few Christmas decorations as I do put out a few different ones for New Years but the nativity remains here too and 3 of the little table top trees are still up. They are very easy to put away. I always leave the most part un Epiphany too.

  3. Mary Ann,

    I love your afghan, great price by the way :-)

    Being organized with your Christmas decorations will make life so much easier in the future.

  4. I probably spend too much time on my laptop, but it is what keeps this menopausal homeschooling mom sane! ;-)

  5. We can tell that Keiths heart is as big as yours! He loves you and the animals and is doing everything he can to help keep things going,,,, we're cheering on Keith!
    We also love the bargains you found- the afghan-- and the little goat ornament.

    We understand when bloggers can't be as bloggy as they used to,,, life happens- things change and we must prioritize. Sometimes when bloggers go awhile for awhile- sometimes they come back- but you can always keep in touch.

  6. I understand just what you mean about too much time on the computer and life taking you different ways. I'm still blogging and visiting but it's for me at his time in my life.

    Love your new way of organizing and your sweet little goat.

    Happy New Year my Friend!


  7. I am back to say that we did not know your blogger friend who is saying goodbye. But we just went and visited her beautiful blog and read her words. She is brave to say what her heart is telling her to do.
    We can tell she was full of love and loved living her life,,,, she will be missed by many- but we wish her much happiness.
    ps- we wold like some soup please

  8. What a lovely post and tribute to your husband. The afghan was a great find and it's gorgeous. I like your blog so much because you are contemplative and grateful when you post. I may someday start a blog, but can't seem to get around to starting one. Maybe I'm afraid I'd be boring! Have a good and blessed year.

  9. I see you have your Baker's Creek catalog! It's my favorite. The people who run that farm and business inspire me. I hope to be able to visit them someday, as they're practically my neighbors.

    Your goat ornament is adorable.

    --Camille Lionne

  10. Oh Mary Ann, I am sick about Deweena. Yes, she is soooo talented, and her posts always give me something to think about! I am so going to miss her blog.
    You do look like you are going to be so organized when it is time to get out Christmas décor next year. I love your goat ornament. I don't think I've ever seen a goat ornament, and this one almost looks hand made. That afghan is beautiful. Wishing you the best in 2014! laurie

  11. I love the goat ornament. Can't say that I've seen one.

    Keith is a really great guy.


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