Friday, December 6, 2013

Appreciating the Cold

I just got back from a short trip to the feed store. 
My friend Marti, whose husband's family started and runs the feed store... and I visited for a few minutes as I was leaving.  I'll show you what she has been making these last few weeks tomorrow. 


She mentioned that her sister is moving back here from Canada after 29 years there. 
It was 25 below zero where she lives last night. 

I'm not complaining any more, though it didn't get over 20 here today. 

That's 20 on the POSITIVE side of zero, thank goodness! 

I dumped the pool for the last time on Wednesday night, and the duckies took advantage of it immediately. 

You see what happened this morning as soon as I poured warm water in their fortexes. 

It looks kind of dismal, but the ducks are sleeping behind the 4 x 4 pen, just out of sight to the left, with a deep bed of prarie hay under them.  They nestle down into it. 

I made the straw fort, but except for laying a few eggs in there, they are not using it... yet. 

Ducks are very hardy.  

You notice there are no chickens out in this picture. 
Only one has ventured out today. 

Our old white hen, Mary, died during the day yesterday.  It was her time... she came with all the other old hens I bought in April of 2012, few of whom every layed.  Mary didn't, but she was such a pretty girl I was glad to have her.  Her time was coming all during the fall, I could tell... but yesterday was it. 

Then, last night, I found Buffy, the Polish hen, looking peaked in the main part of the henhouse.  I moved her over to Butch's side (where the heatlamp is, my pet gets the best, you know) and let her stay under it last night and today.  She is not very perky, so it may be coming to her, too.  We are expected to go down to 5 degrees tonight, unfortunately.  

We do not have enough sockets alive in this henhouse to run two heatlamps any more.  Only one socket works, so it's on the feed room (Butch's) side.  One day we will tear out the drywall in this adapted building and fix all the electricity. 

Here is the very rotund Kelly walking in front of me in the yard a while ago this afternoon.  I let the goats out as soon as I got home from a few errands.  They need to stretch their legs. 

And the little girls took off!

While Delilah went over to have some sunflower seeds at the bird feeder. 

Everyone has now got their furry winter coats, and they are doing very well in these cold temps.  They have a deep bed of straw/hay in the barn, and I can tell they are nesting in it at night. 

We had some sun today for a few hours, but it has grown cloudy again. 

Abby takes offense when the little girls get in the kitchen... she barked and barked at Windy, telling her to GET BACK OUTSIDE where she belonged! 

Michelle at Boulderneigh, this is for you... it came into my Facebook feed a few minutes ago.  
It was connected to this: 

It is a Ravelry pattern for knit goods for CHICKENS of all things.  I had to laugh... I can't see any of my hens having it on for longer than the picture could be taken, but it sure is cute!

And with that, folks, I am going to put the Carhartt on, go put the goats up, and let the henspa hens out for a little while today to stretch THEIR legs.  I have had the game camera on the porch today, and we'll see if we got anything good on it to show you tomorrow. 


  1. Yikes! I won't complain I am freezing at 48 degrees

  2. Hi Mary Ann---
    oh yes 20 degrees is warm compared to your friends! YIKES!
    to tell you the truth- the chicken photo with the sweater-- made me smile.... a good smile

  3. All I can think is how MESSY chicken knits would get! UGH!

    We are cold here, too, with snow and now wind. Glad for a wood fire and electricity to keep the well running!

  4. Oh yes, I'd take 20 degrees to -29 degrees too. The coldest winter I remember it went to 18 below and that was years ago. Rarely to we go into the minus degrees except for the wind chill. That wind always makes it feel colder. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  5. I am longing for a snowy winter, your pictures made me even more homesick than I already was. I actually don't mind minus 30, in the right season.

  6. Goat in the kitchen bahahhahahahaha.....maggie would have a conniption fit for sure.
    stella rose

  7. Ducks and geese both amaze me with their ability to withstand the cold!


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