Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I Found on the Way to Church

Regular readers will know that I have been going to church on Saturday afternoon, so I can sleep in for a little longer on Sunday morning.  So, this afternoon, after sitting down at the computer for a bit to do some work on some pictures, I decided I would get a move on and get to church at 4, so I could sleep a little later in the AM.  I called Keith, who was out doing errands, and changed blouses, grabbed my church envelope, and headed out the door at a clip.  Of course, opening and closing the gate takes a few minutes... and as I turned to go down our road, I saw Keith coming slowly up it towards me with the rest of the wood for the first planting beds in the truck.  We waved at each other, and I continued on down the gravel road.  All of the sudden, out of the pasture on my left, came running an English pointer dog.  I almost hit him.  I stopped... and watched him for a second, and realized I did not know this dog.  He was thin to the point of emaciation, and I stopped the car again and called to him.  He ran to me right away.  I tried to decide what to do, and when he came up to me, realized how very thin he was, and made a decision then and there.  Into the car he went.  He sat on the passenger side, and let me pet and love him.  I called Keith and told him I was turning around and coming home, and to put our big dogs up.  He asked me to wait a few minutes, then called me back and told me to come on.

Here is the dog as he came up to me:

He appeared to be a young dog, no collar.  He had obviously been living rough.

We unloaded him in the yard, and Keith had already gotten a bowl of dog food ready.  The poor dog inhaled it, then had a good long drink.

Tony, in the meantime, literally thundered to the fence to see the strange dog.  He would have attacked it if he could have gotten to it, he is very protective. 

So the poor dog inhaled his food, and we let him run around the yard for a while.  He kept coming back as if to reassure himself we were really meaning to be nice to him.
Keith was very taken with him, as he came from a family of hunters in Iowa, though he no longer hunts.  His dad had always had hunting dogs as they were growing up, ending with Major, his last, a Vizsla, who passed away several years ago.
Beyond thin, even for an English Pointer.

Keith will take him to Dr. Tom on Monday, and we will get an assessment of his health, and then feed him and take care of him until we find a good home for him.  A good home, to me, does not mean sticking him in a pen in a yard either... and that's my final word on that.  He either is a part of a family, or he can stay here until we can integrate him.  For now he is in the pen for his own safety, and the safety of our dogs.  As Keith said, he knows he is safe in his little den, and does not have to worry tonight about coyotes getting him, or something else.

I tried to post this last night, but Hughesnet was not cooperative.  We don't know if it's the dish, or what, but there are long periods when we cannot get pictures to post, or data to post.  It's been very disappointing, to say the least. 

Hank is doing well today, but appears to have a hitch in his right rear leg.  He has a long scratch across it, as if he got caught on a barbed wire fence while running loose.  We are going to put a notice on the grocery store bulletin board this afternoon, and also LOOK to see if there are any posts looking for a pointer.  The only one I can recall was for a female German shorthair.


  1. oh bless you! you make my heart sing taking this beautiful baby in and giving him proper care. maybe he can stay with you, he chose you in his own way, you know...he needs your home as his forever home. i would hate to be a dog and have no certainty in my life. so sad the way animals are treated. and you know, they are far better looking that humans!!! :)

  2. A Saint.......Funny you decided to go to church then? Isnt it?

  3. What a wonderful celebration of faith--helping one in need. Truly you are a great person for helping him. Blessings.

  4. God works in mysterious ways.... timing is everything. Bless you for rescuing this dog; I almost hope you don't find a home for him, and get to keep him. Sounds like he'd be a good dog for your husband.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; I've added you to my blog roll.

  5. Poor dog. So glad you found him. I know you will have him filled out in no time - no bones showing. They say homeless cats choose their home, but I think dogs do too. LOL Mary G.

  6. God brought him to the right person!
    Have fun.

    Check your e-mail.


  7. Poor boy. I'm so happy there are people like ya'll around!

  8. Poor thing- he looks awful! I'm so glad you found him, Mary Ann. (or that he found you!) He may not have lasted much longer.

  9. Poor creature! He had a wonderful day when you nearly ran him over. You and your hubby are saints! Let us know what the vet says.

  10. Gosh, I almost have to turn away, not to look at those ribs sticking out. Thank you for caring for him. I bet this is the best he's ever had it.


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