Friday, March 4, 2011

Seed Catalogs

Many years ago, I used to start getting seed catalogs at Christmas time, and considered them God's Christmas gift to me.  Right after Christmas, with a week off between Christmas and New Years, I would go into a very heavy schedule of working all day in an office, and then selling tickets, ushering, or taking tickets for an event staff group at the public buildings in Kansas City, Missouri.  I worked for 28 years doing this, and ended with managing a theater's public spaces for the symphony, the opera, and the ballet, but that's another story.  Back then, the shows would come hot and heavy... we would have the Metropolitan Flower, Lawn and Garden Show, which in those days was a huge affair.  It would be preceded by the Boat, Sports and Travel show, and followed by the Home Show, the Mobile Home show, etc. etc.etc.  As I sat in my little ticket booth on Saturdays and Sundays in January and early February, I would read my seed catalogs and plan my gardens.  I did this for many years. 

Many of these shows have gone by the wayside with the economy the way it is... and the flower show has been rolled into the home remodeling show, and is a very small entity indeed, in fact, we did not go to either this year, because of their disappointment last year.  However, Keith has ordered our vegetable seeds already, and I am getting myself in gear to order flower seeds this weekend.

These are the catalogs I'm using:
This is my fantasy order.  Usually every year I plan a big order, only to never send it in or go online.  I love their plants.  I am ordering ONE or TWO things this year, because our gardens deserve it!
This one, of course, has the cool vegetable seeds, and don't let the down-hominess of the Gettles fool you, they are on both coasts now, and heirloom seeds are a big business.  If you notice, I have quite a few pages marked, but as Keith has already ordered the vegetables, I'll pare this order down to a few things.
And this old standard got most of our order this year:

In fact, they sent a second catalog just this week with a different cover, as if to say "Hurry up, Mary Ann, Hurry up! "
I hope to have my orders ready by tomorrow sometime, and will let you all know what I ordered.
With lettuce by head at 1.88 each at Walmart last night, we have got to grow as much as we can.  Keith is itching to get his pea seeds in the ground within a week!

On a sadder note, Dovey did die today in the big henhouse.  Keith found her dead this afternoon, and saved her for me to see.  I knew this morning, so held her for a second and said goodbye.  She must have died shortly thereafter, because she was stiff by midafternoon.  We are hoping it was old age and infirmity and not anything catching, but are going to clean as much as we can this weekend.  It will take very good weather and the pressure washer to get the gunk from the starlings out, but we will do that soon.
Everyone enjoy Farm Friend Friday at Verde Farm!


  1. So sorry to hear about Dovey. I must say, I have my seed order ready to put into the mail in the morning. Very exciting time indeed!

  2. I ordered from Baker Creek this year and I hope I love the plants as much as I love the seeds! Sorry about Dovey. : (

  3. Sorry to read about Dovey. I too look forward to the seed catalogs and planning the next year's harvest. Most of my orders come from The Cook's Garden.

  4. I am sorry to hear about Dovey...That is the worst part of caring for animals.:(
    Thanks for the tip for Baker Creek Heirlooms. I am excited! In Arizona I look thru the seed catalogs in the middle of summer when it is a 115 outside, so I will order theirs up for good summer reading. xo, Caroline

  5. Mary Ann, so sorry about Dovey. I know how hard that is and it hurts!!
    Seed catalogs are one of the bright spots of a long, grey winter. Can’t wait to see your packets :)

  6. Sorry to hear about Dovey too. We lost one of ours on Thursday. Stinkin' possum got her. If it's the one we cause, he now has a new zip code.


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