Friday, March 18, 2011

Song of Spring

There are many songs of spring, and here is one around Calamity Acres today:

Be sure you turn up the sound! 

Linking to Farm Friend Friday, at Verde Farm! 

Thanks, Amy!


  1. That certainly does sound like spring! Thanks for sharing--we don't have any of those great sounds yet.

  2. Thought for a minute tonight I might have heard a spring peeper; think it was wishful thinking. Thanks for sharing your spring sounds.

  3. Granny used to say, they were singing for rain...I think they are singing for mates.

  4. The audience looks entranced. Sounds as if spring is arriving for sure at your place. It's snowing here this morning. Great Ivory soap flakes...

  5. I love the sounds of Spring. And can't wait for the pond and the dock. Yes, I brake for turtles!

  6. Fantastic post Mary Ann. I just love to see your babies and the sounds are very prominent. Thanks for sharing with FFF!


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