Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

Lil got this one.

Our last two Wyandottes, gifts from friends Paul and Nancy.  Sadly, they have outlived Paul, who succumbed to cancer.  Sprocket, on the right, is fading now.

My favorite of the new blue silkies.  This pullet is one of three.  I managed to bring home a silkie cockerel, too.

The new chicks are doing very well, in fact, we're going to have to put the Welsummers and Partridge Rocks in their own deeper trough, they are getting so big already!

The little pond.  It's a clay hole now.  We have had some snow and rain over the weekend, and are expecting some rain tomorrow, to be followed by a few nice days.  I am hoping Mr. Calovich will be able to come up this weekend and start making the real pond, though it will be a mess for the rest of the year in the pasture. It has been so cold this week, the frogs have not been singing.


  1. Oh~ your little blue hen is so pretty, Mary Ann!

  2. I would die if I found a snake! yuck!

    cute chicks :)

  3. For a cold place, you have lots of snakes....

    So far, we've not seen any.


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