Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Era

Tonight, the pond man came.

It caused the llamas some consternation.  I could not get them on camera, but they were running around like wild things.
He had to pull the little pond out, to drain, so that it could dry out a little before he forms the new dam.

Of course, I stood there and worried about every frog I saw hopping from the pond and praying that they would not get squished by the big caterpiller.  Keith was golfing, so did not get to see it. He just got home, so is going to go down with the spotlight and look at it.  Mr. Calovich made sure the llamas had something to drink from before he started.  (a full, clean trough)

I'll try to take as many pictures as I can of the process.  We expect rain here tomorrow, and he really needs to let the pond area dry out a little before he starts in earnest, so it may be a few days.  We will end up giving up about an acre of the pasture for the pond.

Bye Bye, Little Pond.

(Addendum:  We went down after dark with the spotlight, and there were many frogs standing in the ruins of the little pond, singing their hearts out.)


  1. *hehe* Poor little froggies were probably thinking "what the heck is going on?"
    Can't wait to see it when Pond Man is finished!

  2. Poor froggies. I wish we had a good pond here for my ducks and geese. Look foward to seeing the process of yours coming to life!

  3. The blessing of water is worth the loss of the land.

  4. Mary Ann, you and Keith are good people in my book if you two were worrying over those teeny frogs. I would have been fretting over those little things too! Glad they were singing :)

  5. We are suppose to have one of those on our property this weekend. We are clearing out some trees to move 2 horses to a different area. Then we are making a hay field where they use to be.

  6. I can relate - before the hole from the pool was to be covered last year, I worried about the tadpoles and tried to save as many as I could. Your pond is gonna look great!

  7. This looks like it will be real neat when finished...although I am afraid of water. Hope to see you sometime next month. LOL Mary G.

  8. Progress is always nerve-wracking! I'm sure you'll be excited and happy when it's finished. I look forward to seeing the progress.

  9. Interesting job this pool building. Glad to know that the little frogs were undaunted and oh the delights that await them.


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