Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catching up from the Weekend

For all of you who commented on the pond, we were supposed to have storms today, and, in fact, are under a severe thunderstorm warning right now.  Keith is out with the big dogs and two younger pugs, watching things from the porch.  It has been blowing like heck all evening, and I was very tired from work and not sleeping well, so I passed on anything more than regular outdoor chores tonight. The pond man wants the pond area to dry out a bit before he starts pushing the dirt around, he didn't realize so much had seeped through below the little pond into the lower pasture. I guess if it rains tonight, we'll be waiting a few extra days.

Saturday morning was cold here, with winds and rain intermittently through the day, including some hail.  Temps were in the upper 40s when we went out before the rain to stake out the new henhouse in the garden.
Here is Keith pounding in the first of the stakes we put in.  That's Troy and Kathy's house behind him, to the south of our place.
Lilly Ann and the pugs were supervising.
As you can see, he had plenty of supervision.

Your blogger on the other end of the tape (where she got much supervision) and realizing now that she needs to see the measurement ladies at Penney's (if you know what I mean). Notice the chic and worn out nitrile gloves, so stiff I could hardly hold the tape, and just happy the new henhouse was becoming reality. 
Abby playing king of the mountain behind us, with the burn pit in the background.  Keith got it burned before the rain started.
After staking, before squaring.
Once it was squared, I was released allowed to leave to go meet my friend Sherie for a catch-up lunch.  Of course, it poured rain and hailed, but we had a good visit anyway.  The work will be proceeding over the next two months, Keith is going to begin building the first two supports for the henhouse this week.  It won't be long before we hear the sounds of happy hens in the garden!


  1. You`re gonna end up being a business!!!.....OMG! Before long you`ll have eggs everywhere!

    Haha!...Good luck, and remember, what one hen lays, another will eat!!

  2. You must be sending your weather down this way, cause we are suppose to get T storms on Saturday and Sunday.

  3. I love having chickens and turkeys here. Your outfit is perfect for farm chores.

  4. Oh, I'm so excited, Mary Ann- I can't wait to see the finished coop! *squeal*
    BTW- Keith looks like he's fixin' to knock the dog in the head with that hammer in the first picture! (I know he wouldn't dare, but it was a funny optical illusion!)


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