Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Determined Mother

Silka... tonight:
Notice the tip of the iceberg under her breastbone?  I crawled in there.... there were TEN EGGS under her.
I'm not telling Keith.

She, Flicka, and Rosewitha hatched at least 30 chicks last year.  Rosewitha is living in the big henhouse again now, and so far, Flicka has not plopped herself down on any eggs, thank heavens.  Let's see.... 12 new bantams, but one a cockerel.... 22 chicks in the shop under lights.... hmmmm..... 15 original occupants (with the loss of Ruffles) in the little henhouse.  I sure hope that new henhouse gets built quickly before golf season goes into full swing!
Hopefully, my friend Joani will be interested in some nice-colored and hopefully frizzled bantams for this summer!
I didn't have the heart to throw them out.  


  1. I always try to catch my geese when they are off the nest and steal all the eggs. Once I miss and they start sitting, I just don't have the heart to steal them either. That's why I have so many honkin' geese running all over the place.

  2. Bless her little heart- she looks serious!

  3. Silkies are good mothers! they will sit on most types of egg, one of ours some years ago hatched two goose eggs!! It was pretty wierd watching a Silkie, being followed by two goslings!!!

  4. Bet they are so cute when they are chicks.

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