Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Sunny Day

It didn't start out very sunny... we did end up having to put the rooster down.  Keith told me afterward (stop reading, this might be TMI for some) that his neck did not "feel" right... it took him several tries, where he normally does it in one swift move.  So we do not know if it was genetic, or something else.  We are watching the other bantams very closely at this point, we would hate to lose our little flock, they are the products of our own birds from the last four years.
Jenny is holding her own right now, but still very weak.  This is six months of constant trips to see the vet, and being pilled constantly.  She does not seem to have much control over her hindquarters, and they appear to be wasting.  She was able to get out to the living room tonight, but after a short while, went back to the bedroom, where I think she feels safest.  Keith will take her to see Dr. Tom at 9:45 AM, and then, based on what our good vet advises, will try to decide what to do.  I have to say that Dr. Tom NEVER proposes putting an animal down, except for Nicky, who was almost gone when we got there.  He has always, always left the decision to me, for twenty years, and now to Keith and me.  I have her carrier out, and I trust Keith to do the right thing for her.  He did tell me that whenever she passes over the bridge, she will come home here to be buried in the circle with Addie Mae, with Nicky, with Gwen, and near Beau's tree.  Oscar rests under his own tree in the yard. 
I feel like I have been a downer all week, so will try to load a short video of Inca and Aztec eating tonight in the golden evening.


  1. So sorry you're having such a tough week. I must say that video with the bird singing is just the best, and I love their names!

  2. So sorry, Mary Ann... but thanks for posting the video- that was sweet.

  3. We have hard decisions in life sometimes. I wonder sometimes, if we hold on to pets for ourselves and prolong the decision, only for us.

    You are in my thoughts.

  4. Sorry about the Roo. Hope Jenny improves.

    Their tails are so cute.

  5. Sorry to hear about the rooster. Sometimes this farming life isn`t an easy one.

    Video was adorable!


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