Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Goats, Little Goats

Some of you may have noticed that there is a new blog in my bloglist, it's BoonedocksWilcox, and Joanna there keeps Nigerian Dwarf Goats. (hers are beauties) If you have been reading this blog for long, you know that we are considering getting three dairy goats upon my retirement in 18 months.  We have looked at goats large...
and goats small

These are mostly pygmies, and NOT milkers.

One thing we are considering is size... smaller goats are easier to handle.  As far as milking stand, barn, etc. etc. and feeding, smaller may be the way for us to go, when we decide.  There is only the two of us here, and though we want to make cheese and ice cream for our families, we will be the main people using the milk.  I am still learning, and have a chance to help Roxanne at the dairy down the road this spring, as she needs milking help several nights a week because of her work schedule now.  She milks by machine, and will train, and I would gladly do it just to learn the ins and outs and know what we would be facing, like an unpaid apprenticeship.  Her does are due to start kidding on the tenth of this month.  She still works full time off her farm, but is trying to make a large part of her living through milk, cheese and ice cream sales, and agri-tourism.
We don't want to sell anything, but our goal is to make ourselves more self-sufficient.
I'm going to leave you tonight with something I'm mighty proud of... a picture of Nathan with their new little German Shepherd pup, Greta.  Dogs love Nathan, they know when someone is good, I'm convinced.  When he spends the night with us, Gertie sleeps with or on him only, and if he is watching tv, she is in his lap.  Lilly bends herself in two to greet him.  Greta looks like she is finding him her friend, too.

Aren't they the dickens!


  1. Such a cute picture of Nathan and Greta!
    Sounds like an exciting time on Joanna's farm!

  2. What a cute image of Nathan and Greta!

    We have friends that have a Nigerian doe and she is just delightful. Our milkers can be a handful at times!

  3. I am learning a lot about goats. The pic of Nathan and Greta is a warm fuzzy. LOL Mary G.

  4. I luv GS's. They are good dogs.

    I would luv to have a goat or three and learn to make cheese too! Wish I had someone who could help me, cause I like to watch more than read on certain things.

  5. What a beautiful pup and a handsome young man, I hope those two get to grow up together,


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