Thursday, December 2, 2010


It's the first of December, and the Giving Thanks Project has wrapped up officially, but I am here to tell you that it was a good reminder for us all to think daily about the blessings God has given us even when we think things are worst. 

It helped me to appreciate more the things that Keith did for me this past month... from daily help with chores to the wiring project he took on so that we could have Christmas lights and a tree on our porch... to the great llama feeder that Inca and Tony seem to really appreciate.  He has shown his kindness and love in many little ways.

We have a warm home to come home to, be it ever so humble.  We have pets who adore our every moves... Hannah who wants only to be near me... Abby, our farm dog who can freeze a chick with her stare... Lilly Ann who got lost on Thanksgiving night and scared us to death... and Ranger whose hips are giving out and remind us daily that we won't have him a long time.  The two kitties, Jenny and Josie, who didn't replace Gwen and Nick, but filled the holes left in our hearts by their losses.

We have family to love and who loves us. 

We have plenty to eat and to share. 

We choose not to believe that the world is gloom and doom, and faith is the cause for that.

My thanks to Leah at South Breeze Farm for organizing the Giving Thanks Project. 


  1. Those are all wonderful things to be thankful for.

    Most times, it's those kind of things that are more important than "a gold monkey". Which is one of my hubbies sayings.

  2. Love your blog every day. It gives me inspiritation. I thank god for every day, because eight years ago during the month of December, I lay at death's door. Mary G. ♥


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