Saturday, December 4, 2010

Meet Gertie

We don't have all the background details on her yet, but today we introduced Gertie to our family.  So far the pugs and the kitties are copacetic.  Not so much the big dogs, so we are watching them like hawks.

We went through this with Abby in April, and with each kitty, so This Too Shall Pass, we hope.  We are very careful though, and try never to leave big with little for more than a moment of time.  If it's cold, they are kept in separate rooms so there will be no disasters.

She appears to not be spayed, and we are uncertain about the status of shots, etc. and hope to find that out this week.  We also note that she has what appears to be a cataract on one eye, so Dr. Tom will be checking her out this week and making sure she is okay.  Pugs frequently have eye trouble, and Hannah, my dear, is already nearly blind. 

Gertie was recently called "Molly" by a family who kept her only six weeks... but she answered fast and happily when called Gertie today, and wiggled her rear end as fast as her little corkscrew tail could wag.  If we can get her to hold still tomorrow, we'll put some more pictures on our Calamity Acres Facebook page.

We're glad she's home, where she'll always be welcome.  By the way, she's sleeping with Keith in the spare room tonight, "just in case she's lonely" (laughing).

Gertie, Abby, Hannah

Abs is going on prescription diet... she and Gertie are the same age, and we want her to get her girlish figure back and be with us a long time!

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  1. Glad she is with her forever home now!

    She's a sweetie! So are ya'll for taking her in.


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