Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Abby the Farm Dog

When we lost dear little Addie Mae, we thought to get another pug to keep Hannah company.  Hannah depended on Addie a lot, you see, because she is so lacking in sight.... she can see a little, and we know she can see up close, but she will literally sit for 30 minutes on the deck watching for me, not knowing I have come up behind her.  So we contacted the adoption agency where we found our good Hannah, and they had another pug, called Fiona.  We went to see her, and fell in love with her crooked little mouth with the tongue hanging out, and brought her home to Calamity Acres.  We were worn out in a week... she wanted to play, play, play, and would not stop bringing us toys, etc.  and literally would not rest until we had turned the lights out at night.  We almost took her back after a week, we were so tired.  We thought about it long and hard, though, and realized she really needed a home, and was so much younger than Addie had been... only two, and younger than Hannah.   Little did we know that Abby, as we called her now, would become such an integral part of our lives.  Abs is the farm dog... who accompanies me on chores morning and evening.  She knows the pattern that we do them... and is quick to notice anything amiss.  I can take her in the henyard and henhouse without any qualms, the only dog to live here that we have done that with.  (though Gertie will go in, she is petrified of the chickens).  She will lift a paw and hold a chicken for us, or stare them into submission, without hurting them at all, and the chickens are no longer afraid of her.
Abby when she still had her girlish figure, before we porked her out.

Abs meeting Lilly Horse for the first time... she was not too sure about the horses!

Now that we have Gertie, she is kept busy playing all evening, until she herself can play no more but must drop in exhaustion!  She is getting some weight off, and having fun!  We are so proud of her and she has earned her praise as Farm Dog Supreme at Calamity Acres!


  1. LOL...we say that if something isn't fat when we get it then it will soon be that way!

    Glad she's enjoying Gertie so much.

  2. That is a wonderful story, Mary Ann- sounds like Abby is a keeper for sure!!


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