Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spoiler Alert - Don't Read This Post If Gross Stuff Bothers You!

Grandson Nathan came to help me today while his mom did a little Christmas shopping.  I was glad to see him, as I had told him we would see a movie this weekend, but after yesterday's trip, was just too behind in chores to be able to get away for hours.  He helped me a lot while he was here, and not only carried many water buckets, but also took some pictures which I will feature this week.  He's becoming a very good photographer!

As we went down the road to take him home to Lawrence, I told him that this morning on the way to church I had seen a dead goose in the road.  Going back a few days, Keith called me on his way home one night to tell me there were two dead geese in the road outside the goat dairy, which is about 3/4 of a mile south of us. He speculated that the goat lady's coonhounds had possibly gotten loose and gotten two of her geese (they had done this once before).  He loves geese like I do, and lamented the fact that they were laying in the road, dead. 

Back to this morning, I got out of the car and looked at the goose's body.  It was perfectly intact, as if the goose had just laid down, legs under her, for a rest, but... there was NO HEAD.

It was clean, dry, and no blood.
In my opinion, this looked like an opposum kill.  I have had possums get ducks several times, but never a bird as big as a goose, a big healthy one like this.  When fowl are asleep, though, you can do almost anything to them.

This was to the left of the goose.
It looks like a dog someone hit, stuffed in a bag, and dumped on our road.  I thought it was a coyote at first, but we don't think so. 
Keith has a theory... that it was  someone's dog that killed the goose, and the owners killed the dog and dumped both.
Keith said the goose had a head when he saw it originally, so I stand by my possum theory. (only it got the head AFTER the fact). The other thing is, there isn't a mark on the goose. 
A mystery on a country road.
We sure wish people wouldn't dump their animals here.

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  1. We get that kinds of stuff on the roads around our home all the time. Deer, dogs, etc.

    One time some jerks even dumped a whole pile of guts right in front of our pasture. Was dangerous because of all the buzzards it attracted.

    A buzzard jumping up in front of a car could cause a severe accident....


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