Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Old Homestead

We saw them clear up I35 Today on the way to Ames... the old homesteads along either side of the highway.  Big houses, some still maintained, and big barns... many going to ruin with boards out and leaning sidewise. Many still have there outbuildings around them... the old henhouses and cribs and granaries.  Here in another old picture I have you can see the family standing in front of the fine house... the big barn... the woodpile all piled and neat for winter use.  The outhouse standing just far enough away that odor would not drift.... it's a beautiful old farm, neat and well-kept.
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  1. What a beautiful old farmhouse! Such a nice photo. It saddens me to see the old barns falling down. No one seems able to afford to keep them maintained.


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