Monday, December 6, 2010

One of my Hobbies

One of my hobbies is collecting old photos.  I feel akin to the people in these pictures... knowing that they sat for one very brief moment and their lives were captured, and as soon as the photographer raised his/her head, they moved, spoke, laughed or cried, and went about their daily business as they normally did.  They walked where we walk... they lived where we lived.... they were here before us and little bits of them are still here in their pictures.  Someday people will look at the (thousands) of digital pictures I leave and say "Why did she take so many pictures of her chickens?" 

Who was this beautiful young woman with the freckled face, who has a tiny waist, and who stood in her becoming summer dress and picture hat on her front porch somewhere before the turn of the last century, or just after?  Her parasol is ready to protect her from the summer sun... and she paused, to face the camera, and give us just a tiny enigmatic smile.

And were these little boys, their caps laid carefully on the chair.... her little brothers, mischevous but well-dressed and obviously well-off?  Who was the lady in the sunbonnet... she does not look like a "city slicker", but maybe their "country mouse cousin" come to call on a Sunday afternoon. 

I love pictures of people with their animals.  This man with his gorgeous Brown Swiss or Jersey milk cow was so obviously proud of her.  She was a beauty!

And how about these modern girls?  Ready for an afternoon of skiing aided by their two nice carriage horses!

I'll dig some more photos out of my stash and share them with you in the coming weeks. 


  1. I do love to see the old photos of people and the animals. I know you will be glad wen you get the pump installed. I am always amazed how animals and livestock survive in the very cold winters. Mary G.

  2. Such neat pictures. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

  3. Those are wonderful, Mary Ann!! I'm sure someone will see all my pictures one day and think the same thing- "why did she take all these chicken pictures?" haha


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