Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Labor of Love

After two lovely, balmy days in the 50s, the temperature is about to take a turn for the worse, and we expect two days of possible rain/snow, with temps falling below ten degrees overnight on Saturday and Sunday. 

To take advantage of the last balmy evening before the winds and rains come, Keith has put together a new artificial tree out on our porch tonight.  A true labor of love, he has been working on it for several hours.  We wanted to put a real tree up, and then put it on our brush pile for the little wild things in the pasture, but we were worried about the tree holder freezing and thawing over the next few weeks.  So today, while out after work, Keith stopped and bought a nice artificial tree.  We are going to put large lights on it so it can be seen plainly from the road. 

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  1. I'm missing Saturday. It was so pretty. Yesterday and today, the wind is like a knife.


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