Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Look at Snow

Last year at this time we were under about 3 feet of snow, and zero or below-zero temps.  Friday we had a light snow and were worried that it was going to continue (shades of Christmas Eve 2009).  I was off work and went out to do chicken chores in mid-afternoon, and as I approached the little henhouse, I saw the September hatch chicks in the doorway, marveling at the snow!  These chicks still don't go outside... the piece of wood is still put up daily to keep them in.  When they are ready, they'll start hopping up and over, like the hatches before them. Then we'll have a chick round up for the first few days or weeks every night.

Yes, that's duct tape on the wall... we made a hole for the electric cord to pass through the night the chicks hatched so we could light the warming light.
Now it's run up and through one of the upper windows that's now covered with fiberglas.

Rosewitha, one of the three mamas, has now gone back to the big henhouse, where she is living again happily with One, Two, Three and Four the roosters, and her sister Dovey, as well as the other chickens who roost in the rafters. Flicka and Silka are still caring for the chicks, who are now all roosting with the two hens, Ratchett the Rooster, and the four remaining chicks from the June hatch that live in the little henhouse, 3 pullets and one rooster, Ruffles.
What IS that stuff out there?

I had two Old English Game Hens (now living with my friend Cindy) but they have numerous descendents in the little flock.  That's one on the right.... and the one on the left is clearly a silkie cross.
I have several friends who swear by their purebred chickens... and I like mine, too... but I love my little bantam crosses and think them very beautiful.  This weekend I'll try to get a good picture of the whole bunch lined up so you can see what nice birds they have become.  This hatch is VERY small.... and I'll try to get pictures of how small that is. 
Tomorrow night I'll write about what we have accomplished here at Calamity Acres this year, and all those dear pets and friends who have gone on now over the Rainbow Bridge, and what we would like to do next year.


  1. I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours. I couldn’t agree more with you about the bantam cross breeds. I love my pure bred chickens but the mixed bantams are as beautiful and fun. I look forward to reading about your year in review and plans for 2011. Happy New Year :)

  2. OhMyGosh Mary Ann your lovely fun blog will keep me in reading material forever! Thank you for your visit so I could ramble my way to you :)

  3. Oh, I love seeing all your chickies, Mary Ann!! And I had to chuckle over the roos' names- too funny.
    My young Silkies are the same way about the snow- they look out as if to say "What tha..." It's hilarious!

  4. 3 foot of snow would make me want to stay in too!


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