Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Fudged on the Fudge

Okay, I fudged on the fudge.  I started out to make Clotted Cream Fudge and made a box of Carnation's Famous Fudge, and let me tell you... it was easy and GOOD. Then, I cut the fudge this morning and put it on the table to take to work... and walked off and left it sitting under the newspaper Keith had opened to read.

I apologized to friend Gretchen whom I had promised fudge, and will take it tomorrow for everyone else to enjoy.   She will be gone on Christmas vacation, but I told her I would make some for her after the first of the year. 

I work tomorrow, and then am off for the long five day weekend.  I am going to get the "golden syrup" at the store tomorrow night, and make the special fudge on Friday to take to my son's on Saturday for our Christmas dinner. 

Today I talked to someone I had not spoken with in several months, a former co-worker, and he told me he had bought 80 acres to grow crops on near his dad's farm.  He works full time, but grew up farming and likes to keep his hands dirty.  Hearing this made me fill him in on some of the things we have done here this year, and I am thinking that it's time now at the end of the year to  assess what we have actually accomplished here, and what we hope to accomplish in the next few years.  I'll get this story in my head and sit down after Christmas to "put it on paper" for you.
I leave you with a picture of Jenny, whom Keith has been calling "El Destructo" (even though she's a girl!) ... she loves to play in sacks and boxes, and we keep a box for her to sleep in regularly.  Didn't our kids like to do the same?

Sound asleep for an hour!


  1. You sound like me. I have to write down the things I want to take with me and then tape it to the inside of the front door. The fudge sounds wonderful. Love the pics of Jenny. Love, Mary G.

  2. Cute pictures of her.

    I can't remember anything. And it just keeps getting worse.


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