Sunday, July 31, 2016

July Ends

Friday, I showed you two very bad pictures of the newly-contoured land around the Big Ditch, an
ongoing project of the Corps of Engineers. 

Here is a better picture.  You can see an herbicide has been spread for some reason. 
Maybe they are going to drain the Ditch. 

The white pipes are markers where little trees were planted. 

You can see the contouring being done to the east of the ditch.  That's the creek line on the right. 

A group of boy scouts worked on the fire pit at the Ag Hall yesterday as 
an Eagle scout project.  
They made a beautiful pit. 

All of the sudden, we have gone from mid-summer Fourth of July to amost-fall... and the roadsides are reflecting that. 

Now that Keith is no longer on peritoneal dialysis daily at home, I am 
having to dispose of his unused supplies, many boxes of dialysis fluid (that 
I could not place as a donation).  I am making trips to the dump, about ten 
minutes from our house... and there is a big pit-pond there.  These geese 
were sparring on it yesterday, and I stopped to watch them for a while. 

 They finally settled down. 

I got a good picture of two scissortail flycathers today in Wyandotte County, as I took my son home this afternoon.  I always love to see them. 

I suspect the bird on the left is a juvenile. 

We are about to go back into the furnace this week! 


  1. Nice pics, as always. Stay under the AC if you have to.

  2. I'm hoping that August will be a little kinder to you than July was. It's usually our hottest month of the year, but after the heat of July I don't think I want it any hotter, but then I don't have much choice in the matter. Keep cool and carry on is all we can do.

  3. Hari OM
    Scissor-tail flycatchers?! Oh that's one I have not heard of and what a little beauty too!!! I love that shot of the tall grass heads - a real sense of late summer in it. YAM xx

  4. hahaha, we never left the furnace Mary Ann. Would have been real easy to get a heat stroke working around the place this past weekend.

    We did our own clearing project yesterday next to the hay field. My fore arms are sore from running a chain saw.

  5. Wonderful pictures.

    Stay cool.

  6. We saw a lot of those geeze this weekend, looks like we are in for another hot week. stella rose

  7. Wonderful photos! We will be glad to trade the furnace in for fall!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Fall is coming fast. it's funny how much faster it comes when you have a wedding planned.

  9. Beautiful photos,
    Good bye July

  10. These months are going sooo fast!
    Back to school is on the horizon for many.
    I am ready for cooler temps for sure BUT
    not ready for cold.
    Great pic of the geese fussing at each other.

    M : )


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