Wednesday, July 27, 2016

County Fair The Second

It's Leavenworth County Fair Time! 

Thank heavens it was not last week, in the dire heat. 

As it was, it was hot enough. 

I have not really talked about it, but Keith 
has been hospitalized since Monday.  He was released an 
hour and a half ago, and is home, sleeping soundly. 

We had a scare, but everything is okay for now. 

I snuck out to the fairgrounds while he was in dialysis. 

The poultry judging of showmanship had already happened, and the 
judge was taking a lunch break. 

When he came back in, I was still lingering. 

Showmanship winners with the judge.... and yes, I always 
have a camera around me somewhere! 

I have to say this about Leavenworth county... the 4H kids were 

Every cage had food and water, every one.  I looked. 
There was a crew of kids checking them constantly... and I found out that 
the Leavenworth County 4 H Poultry Project kids must sign up for 
specific hours.  If their parents work, they need to take off 
or arrange for the kids to get to the fairgrounds.  When the poultry 
super called out for the kids to gather for the picture, they came from every direction. 

Remember, this was not all of them, just the showmanship winners, minus one or 

Oh, how I miss my Mille Fleur D'Uccles. 

There were some handsome ducks, too! 

There were lots of bucket calves, that's dad pulling one behind this tethered one. 

And lots of grooming going on. 

And already groomed cattle drying in the sun. 

There are lots of dairy cattle there, unlike Wyandotte County. 

and Red Angus... 

and Gelbvieh (with some Herefords staring at them) 

There are not many rabbits entered, either, this year, but there were some beautiful ones, and I have to say... the kids were right on top of it again, there were three or four checking cages, and putting frozen bottles in them.  All bunnies had food and water, this one was lapping lazily. 

I stuck my head in the 4H horticulture barn, it is just the end of a barn. 

Prizes had already been awarded. 


I made myself leave at that point, I had to do errands and get home and get the dogs out before going back to the hospital. 

I am going to try to sneak away again tomorrow night with the big camera, after I am sure Keith is feeling well. 


  1. Hari OM
    Sending Loving Healing thoughts to Keith (and his carer of course! &*>)... What a lot of pretty critters!!! YAM xx

  2. Love seeing the pictures. I wish I had been able to be involved in 4H as a kid.

    I'm glad Keith got to go home. Fingers crossed and prayers said that he's getting much better.

  3. Good to hear Keith is home and doing better. I love to go to fairs but they are usually in the hottest part of the year so I'm thinking this year I won't go. I cannot take the heat that this summer has brought us. Our state fair is going on right now but the county fair won't be till late August.

  4. What a fun day!! Glad to hear Mr Keith is ok and home
    Lily & Edward

  5. My wife and I always loved the fairs, but we just can't handle the heat, OR all the standing and walking anymore.

  6. We're glad Keith is doing better and hope it stays that way. Your great photos are inspiring us to take the camera to the fair in a couple weeks!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. WE are so happy Keith is back home. Those kids did a good job taking care of their animals, they look good and happy. stella rose

  8. The best part is that Keith is okay


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