Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy July 4th!

Not exactly a July 4th photo, but you get the idea! 

We have had a good weekend here, our neighbors had a HUGE party, 
a bouncy house and many tents up... many attendees, but did not have
extensive fireworks.  Their new pool and deck was not in use, the weather got
so chilly (in the sixties).  

Keith and I got to a T Bones game last night, and we lasted about 5 
inning.  Keith waited for the fireworks, and I came home, cold. 

I always love how they make the logo red, white, and blue at the July 4th game.  They traveled, today, so no game this year on the 4th. 

There was a good crowd for the game on a balmy evening. 

The dogs and I tried to walk yesterday afternoon, because it was so nice out. 
Unfortunately, there were enough people in Basehor lighting off fireworks that Lilly became very scared.  

I was stunned to see that portions of the track were covered with fallen leaves! 

At the old place, the walnut trees were the last to leaf out in spring, and in July, the leaves would begin dropping.  
I need to figure out what these leaves are, and you can see that they are yellow. 

The little pond is shrinking by the day.  We were predicted to have lots of rain over the weekend, but in truth, we had only 2.7 inches in our gauge. 

I love how this baby has backed up to his mama's back.  

I went over to the Ag Hall this morning to take care of the chickens. 

The lilies around the pond have all bloomed.  Can you see where the level of the pond was a few weeks ago?  We had so much rain in May and early June, it was far out of it's regular bank. 

I had to look closely to see that I was not alone. 

This little drake was swimming quietly across the pond from me.  I  did not see a female anywhere. 
There were also no geese there today. 

My lily pictures all came out over-exposed, so... I am going back tomorrow.  Do you think I'll be lucky enough to get another bee in the picture?  Double-click to see this one larger. 

Liatris "Kobold" and pyrethrum... I am so doing this here next year. 

The chickens and turkeys are looking good! 

I really enjoy going over and taking care of this flock when it's quiet and I can pretend for a while I still have birds.  

Tonight's dessert: 

Happy Independence Day 2016! 


  1. Hari OM
    It is darned cold here too (high 50sF) and it is nearly midday. Crazy climate. Wish I could think of a way to transport all the excess rain from here to the places in the world that need a bit more... The lily and the bee is a top shot! YAM xx

  2. Glad you had some cooler weather. It's been nice here for almost a week now but today we begin to heat up again and this morning it's very humid. Turned the a/c on once again.

  3. it was cooler one morning this past long weekend. surprised me. but, it did not last long. we got a scattered storm yesterday afternoon when we were trying to do my projects. we had done the hubbies all day long and then mine got rained out. got another scattered storm this morning. not going to gripe because we did need the rain.

  4. it sure isn't cold here! we will be in the 90's and humid this whole week. i am ready for summer to wind down now. poor lily. the 4th is tough on our pups!

  5. OMD you had better make ANOTHER Dessert... beclaws WE are on our way...

  6. ummmmmmm that pie looked delicious!!!!!! stella rose

  7. Happy 4th to you and Keith. I sure wish we could do away with fireworks, poor Connor is becoming very phobic thanks to my neighbors.

  8. Where's the milk
    Lily & Edward


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