Wednesday, July 13, 2016

At The Fair

Part One. 

I hope to take the big camera over early tomorrow morning and take a series of pictures. 

There's lots to see if you go early. 

I went to feed the poultry again this morning, 
and volunteered to do the next two mornings, as well. 

I enjoy it.  

Poultry and rabbits share the same barn.  I found out last night that 
they were moved to a smaller barn this year, based on last year's entries. 
Instead of the expected 200 poultry entries, there were 305!  They are petitioning for changes in the poultry show next year.  I hope the board of governors listens. 

Believe me, there was a cacaphony when I started feeding and watering. 

Many of them were HANGRY!!! 

Keith had surgery yesterday, and I dropped him at dialysis this morning, so I took time 
to wander a little after I fed and watered. 

You know I lingered at the goats. 

But, I enjoyed looking at the hogs, too.... and I spoke with a nice young man (second grade) this morning who followed me around as I watered... he was showing Durocs and Hamps.... and... AMERICAN HEREFORDS.  He emphasized it like that! 

This was not the young man, but I thought this was a poignant picture. 

I heard the judge say that even though it was a small class in market steers... they were great representatives.  (there were four). 

There was a storm bearing down on us at this point... and when it hit with a vengeance, 
the other classes this morning were cancelled, so... they are making up time today and tomorrow. 

This will all be lit up tonight. 

Don't look now, but Hedrick's Petting Zoo had a camel... and... 

in the tent next to the outside pen, was a baby camel.  

I picked Keith up at Davita after the power went out there in the storm... and we stopped at Walgreen's for some things.  He is getting around slowly, but surely. 

I'm starting to pick the pickling cukes! 
I'm going to go get some Mrs. Wages Sweet Pickles mix, 
they make such GOOD pickles... and next Wednesday, 
we're going to do some canning.  (Wednesday morning, 
I'll run to the Farmer's Market and get a big sack of cukes).  

We had two bouts of hard rain today, but for a short time, and only 
got 1/2 inch... but I think that means it will be too wet to cut tomorrow. 
Looking forward to Saturday on the mower! 


  1. Hari OM
    I LOVE ag-shows; I swear the show animals love the attention and play up to it. My Granda was a sixth-generation shepherd and bred Scottish Blackface Sheep to a high standard and we were always visiting round local shows. Don't recall he ever made it to the Royal Highland, but I know he always looked forward to meeting up with other shepherds and farms for the social 'craic' as much as anything! YAM xx

  2. Good to see chickens back at the fair. I think last year we didn't have any due to bird flu virus going around. Hope Keith continues to improve. We're to have a cool wave come though here tonight and give us a break from the heat. We got some rain overnight too. Hope you have some fair weather there!

  3. Enjoyed the fair pics, brought back many 4-H memories - showing animals & entering projects many many years ago.

    Thank you!

  4. Oh what fun...a fair! I love the fair, but ours isn't until September. It's such a great place for kids to get experience showing animals. Glad to see Keith's getting around! I like the Mrs. Wages pickling mixes too. Yesterday Jenna did a batch of dill for me, and I'll have tons more to do. I mostly make banana pickles, which are a type of sweet pickles from scratch...but super, super easy.

  5. we can never save enough pickles at our house, cos mom eats them all the time. Enjoyed looking at your fair pictures...stay cool today. stella rose

  6. I always enjoyed the fairs, but I just can't handle the heat anymore.

  7. Our fair isn't until next month but we do enjoy looking at the same things. Mom grew up on a very small farm. They had chickens, cows, and pigs. She can discern what the animal is by the smell of its manure. Mom has hidden talents like that.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Don't you just love a day at the fair. Mom is going to our fair in August
    Lily & Edward

  9. I hope we make it to the State Fair in spite of Brian starting school around that time; I love fairs!

  10. Wonderful photos of all the animals!
    We are getting cukes now too

  11. I've made a couple of 1/2 gallon containers of sweet refrigerator pickles. Then I canned some garlic, dill, red pepper pickles.


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