Friday, July 29, 2016

The Rest of the Fair

I spent an hour at the fairgrounds today, walking around and taking pictures. 

Production hens. 

Total. Cuteness. 

Love the poodle cut, but it had just awakened from a nap! 

Hogs were being shown. 

The Corps of Engineers has been contouring the land around the Big Ditch.  I was totally dismayed to see on the way home that an herbicide was sprayed on the banks. 
I can't imagine that the herons will be back, or the ducks who came down at night while migrating. 

If I had had the color right, you could see the acres of contouring, you can also see plants dying.  The big earthmovers are gone now.  The creek line is at the right. 

I stopped to take a picture of the crossvane... but got my color all out of balance again. 
You can see how low the creek is now. 

Can you see the flies on the poor calves? 

Those ear tags in their mamas are not just for identification, 
there is usually a fly ear tag, too.  The calves have not been 
tagged yet.  I felt so sorry for them. 

Sometimes I get the color right. 

I felt guilty about the grape jelly for about two hours 
this summer.  You see, I read an article about how it 
did not really "feed" the birds, it was more of a treat. 
I can testify to that, because they do not come and eat all day long. 
They fly off, eat seed on the ground in the side yard, go far off and 
eat... and come back for little bits and bobs of jelly. 

They are so fun to watch. 

I change the jelly bowl out every other day.  I wash them the day 
I change them, so in other words, I put this one out Wednesday night, 
topped it off several times yesterday, and then will take it in 
tonight and put a fresh one out tomorrow. 

I should find a little lower container, then I would not waste hardly any jelly. 
These little bowls are just so handy, they are ridgid enough for the birds to perch on 
and we don't eat anything out of them. 

The hummers are every where on our feeders these days! 


  1. The Corps of Engineers is notorious for destroying habitat in the name of "flood control" and get this - "saving habitat."

  2. Hari Om
    Oh you have 'engineers' there too? Over here around the cities they are constantly at it and they are called The Council. Most councils in Scotland, though, are crying poor and this is an excuse to do nothing at all, which is nearly as bad, 'cuz trees and hedges overgrow important road signage and such like ...sigh... as a general rule, however, spraying is strongly controlled. This looks very severe - certainly will keep the birds away for the season I suspect. YAM xx

  3. July will have it's flies and it's often those poor cows that suffer their peskiness. Sad but true. You got some wonderful pictures of the animals. I've yet to see a hummer this summer. I know we have them as the feeder keeps going down, but I've not sat out back where it is much at all due to the heat. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wonderful photos.

    Growing up the fair was a good way to make money for Christmas. We got paid for ribbons!

  5. Your shots have me anxious for our fair! Are the hummers preparing for anything? Seems like it is way too soon to take off!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. I didn't know birds liked jelly like that.


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