Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Where Do the Days Go?

Is it just because we are getting older? 

I really do intend to post every other day, and here it is Wednesday, and 
it's been the weekend since I posted! 

We have been having a heat wave, and I'm grateful it wasn't last 
week while the fair was going on in Wyandotte County. 

Next week is the Leavenworth County Fair, and Camp Grow will be 
entering four birds in it.  I am hoping the heat breaks.  

Gardening still goes on. 

This is my balsam, from my ten year old seeds. 

Not good. 

See the mums on the right? 

The poor zinnias. 

The heat is brutal, and yes, they are watered daily, sometimes, several times. 

An hour later. 

I do not want to lose this balsam, it grew in containers on the porch at the old house. 

Yee ha!  A watermelon is growing!!!!  I am so happy about it! 

Next year, we are going to 8 bales. 

I am watering, watering, watering.  I am also picking LOTS of cukes so we will be 
making pickles this weekend, I believe. 

We are also going to be inundated with tomatoes. 

Oh, yes. 

We visited the Dogtor yesterday. 

Lilly is still having old-age issues with pain.  We are changing her meds around a little. 

Jester is having trouble with vomiting, and maybe back to the doctor tomorrow.  Right now, he is taking an anti-emetic  We are NOT walking in this heat, they are outside very briefly to go to the bathroom, and that's it. 

I stopped at a friend's to drop something off yesterday, and noticed this goose has beautiful blue eyes! 

And this poor duck was born with no eye on the left side. 

This lovely duck was with the group. 

I miss having ducks! 



  1. Hari OM
    ducks and geese have such character! Yes, am sure the days are passing more quickly than they did even ten years ago. Do they still have the regulation 24 hours in them??? I need to go check that... YAM xx

  2. Poor doggies and ducky.
    Your veggies are doing fantastic in the bales.
    It always surprises me how fast a potted plant will perk up with a good rain or watering.
    I hope you all feel much better quickly.

  3. The days do go by quickly. It's best to stay in when it's so hot. Try to keep cool.

  4. ...or the weeks, or the months, or the YEARS? - lol - Nice pics!

  5. i guess it's old age. it's monday and then the next thing i know it is friday. this heat is awful. my garden is a mess. it doesn't matter how much i water. it doesn't help much at all.

  6. we hope jes is better and so is lily...........our flowers look bad also and we have to water from a bucket, ugh....stella rose

  7. Poor babies. We have our feets crossed for you.
    Blogging is a fulltime job
    Lily & Edward

  8. I don't think one can have a pot too big or outdoor potted plants. The plants don't require as much watering and aren't as "wilty".

    We hope Jester gets his tummy straightened out. I feel for Lilly. It's heck to get old. I wonder if the blue eyed white duck is deaf--like blue eyed white cats?

  9. Those bales worked out really well! Ever since mom say your tomatoes on FB she has been going crazy. We went to the farm market and bought a few but they weren't even clost to looking as good as yours! We hope everyone is feeling better now!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I wish I knew where time went too.. tick,, tick tick
    your garden is very beautiful..

    we only had a tiny cucumber ,, and no tomatoes..
    you water every day? Maybe that is the secret


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