Thursday, July 7, 2016

Some Serene Pictures

They're baaaccckkkkk....

The geese, I mean. 

I think this is the mom and dad and the babies from this spring, but, if so... 
several babies are missing. 

This bird was WAYYYY across the pond. 

It stood like that, staring at the top of the dam, for almost 30 minutes. 

Maybe the others were over the dam on the other side. 

The others finally got worried, and hit the water to go see what was up. 

Whereupon goose six slid down into the water and joined them.  That still left one of the original six babies missing, or... one of the adults. 

The pond was so peaceful. 

We had a storm this morning, and the huge lilly pads had drops all over them. 

The spent pods are beautiful in their own right. 

The buds are beautiful, too! 

There were lots of happy tour kids today. 

Even the older kids enjoy riding the train! 

Others were walking from building to building... 

Or stopping to take pictures, as this man was. 

We had strong storms this morning, and right now, are expecting more tonight. 

I hope we have a little cooler temps tomorrow when I will be at the Ag Hall all day. 


  1. We used to have the world's largest lily pond in our city park, but the city destroyed it.

  2. Hari OM
    Love the geese series of images... and those are not just 'lilies' ... those are Lotus, the ultimate flower of peace and unity! In Eastern tradition it is revered because such beauty and serenity arising from the muck of the waters is a an example of how to live life. YAM xx

  3. Those lovely water pictures are certainly needed right now. I felt a little cooler just looking at them. It's been very hot and humid here and since we are so much colder for the better part of the year, I think it hits us harder than most. We are just not used to it at all. Dog days of summer are definitely here.

  4. OH MY.... you got so gorgeous pictures of the Geese and the Water Lilies...

  5. those lilies are so beautiful. stella rose

  6. Pretty pics. Love the Lilly pads and flowers.

    That was a doozie of a storm. We had no idea it was coming.
    Our power was out for two hours, came on about 8 am.

    Happy Weekend!!

    M : )

  7. Wow, those lily pad photos were amazing!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. It's been a long time but I am trying to catch up on your posts. Hope you are well Mary Ann, sending you hellos from across the water! Love the geese :-)

  9. The lily pads are just stunning!! So very beautiful.

  10. those flowers are beautiful!

  11. Hey, have been out. Hope all is well. Am catching up.
    We had rain for 7 days in a row.
    Storms in Jackson and Clinton got bad and knocked out power and trees.


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