Thursday, August 4, 2016

Some More Back Home Shots

Bird One 

Bird Two 

That was actually Bird Three. 

Again, the grape jelly does not make up their entire diet.  They seem to come 
early in the morning for some, and again in the evening. 

We had other visitors, too, but I want you to look at the bottle hanging there. 
See those two black dots on the upper right? 

That is MOLD. 

I take those down just about every single night and clean them, 
and indeed, I have a friend who has quit feeding them because it is a pain to keep them so clean. 
Hummers can get black tongue disease, and die from the mold. 
That one will be coming down in just a few minutes to be scrubbed out again, and I DID take it down last night and scrub it.  The heat and humidity is doing it. 

I had just refilled this one, and cleaned the bells out... you see I rarely use the bee guards 
any more.  I get a few wasps, but really, they are pretty much left alone. 

This little guy was sticking his tongue out, but so quickly I couldn't get it on 

We are also about to be hit by an onslought of large and small tomatoes!  
They are late all over this area this year... I just heard tonight of a big grower here 
who is just now getting ripe tomatoes, so I am not alone.  

The straw bales?  I'll show you some pictures of them in the next few days! 

Stay cool, friends. 


  1. We have so many hummingbirds,, but we do not put feeders out for them.
    They just come to all of our flowers!
    Our tomatoes are late too.

  2. We're at the same stage with our tomatoes; surprises me that yours are not way ahead of ours!

  3. Hari Om
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... nothing beats fresh-from-the-vine toms; I foresee much kitchen work ahead! YAM xx

  4. You were able to capture those birds, especially the hummers beautifully. I can never get a good shot. By the time I'm aimed they fly away. Keeping cool is my mode of life right now and that is mostly indoors.

  5. OH YES... the Black Mold problem with the hummer feeders... THIS will Kill it... but NOT hurt the Hummers as long as you RINSE VERY WELL... several times... RINSE the Feeder... and pour in a nice Splash of WHITE VINEGAR... 5% type... and add some water... I put my thumb over the HOLE and then SHAKE the HECK outta the bottle... AND the Red Plastic can be soaked in mild vinegar solution also.... THAT being said.... I no longer use that type of feeder... 3 summers ago WALLY WORLD sold PLASTIC Cylinder type.... with red plastic TRAY at the bottom... this comes Apart and the Inside can be Easily "SCRUBBED OUT" there are NO "FLOWERS" on these they have a Perch clear around the TRAY... and there are just SLITS or HOLES for the hummers to feed from... the SLIT type ... KEEPS OUT BEES... To clean These Cylinders... I got a sponge rubber Dish washing sponge on a long handle... from the Dollar Tree store... I still do the Vinegar solution ... Just to be SURE... but the Sponge thingys seem to clean the cylinder VERY WELL... and I use the round poofy Sponge thingy on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the TRAY.
    HOPE that HELPS... I hate to see anyone Stop Feeding our Humming Friends... If they can get these type of feeders and use the Vinegar Solution and the dish moppie Sponge thingy... and ENJOY the hummers withOUT risking their health.
    SORRY... this sort of turned into a BOOK...

  6. Pee S... Just TODAY we picked our FIRST Green Pepper... and we SHOULD have our first Ripe tomatoes Sunday or Monday... VERY LATE for BOTH of these... butt the Green Beans... are coming like GANG BUSTERS...

  7. Wow, you got some really sharp shots of the hummers!! We are looking forward to the bales pics. We never thought they would be so successful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I think planting the favorite flowers of hummers is the easiest thing to do!

    The weatherman says we will have awesome temperatures today for August--85 degrees! The humidity will make it seem warmer, though.

  9. we had a hummer stuck in the horse shed, we finally herded him thru the opening
    hope it doesn't get in there again


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