Saturday, July 23, 2016

Some Pictures I Missed

I took these a week or two ago, and forgot about them in the heat of the last week. 

I was coming home from church, and saw a heron not ten feet away from me at the 
Big Ditch. 

I got a bunch of pictures of him, but they were all washed out.  

Then he flew to the other end of the ditch, where I couldn't get a 
good picture of him with the shorter lens. 

Someone is laying mighty big poops on the side patio.  I can't figure out... I would almost think it was a goose!  It's not that big, but very, very big compared to the other birds. 

Oh so close.  Oh, so badly lit.  

Ironweed... I love it!!!

There are some hay fields right around the corner from us, and I was coming home from 
the grocery last week, and found these guys looking through it. 

They flew, but not far. 

The white underside of the turkey vulture is so apparent in these pictures.  

Our dear girl spends a little time every day on the deck, despite the heat.  We have not walked since around the 4th, though, just too hot for her. 

She is getting a joint supplement daily now, and pain medication. 

And someone else had another bout of nausea and vomiting, but I still had medicine from last month, so... after talking to the vet, he had a Cerenia and it settled him down.  His appetite is back, and no more vomiting. 
As you can see, he is still eviscerating his stuffies! 

Everyone have a good Sunday! 


  1. Hari Om
    Oh poor Jester... hope this is something simple and not an ongoing thing... Love the heron shot actually - quite impressionistic! Tend to agree that it may be goose poop - the do do a lot of poopin'...YAM xx

  2. Vultures and herons are my favourites. I think the heron is artistically lit!

  3. We're glad you doggies are hanging in there despite the heat! Those turkey vultures looked good, too bad the sun washed out the heron. Mom hates it when that happens!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I hope Jester is not eating any of the insides of those toys. I saw on one of the vet shows that a cat had eaten some hair holders and that was what making it throw up and get sick.

  5. that sure looks like goose poop to me. hope jester isn't eating it. that would explain a lot.


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