Wednesday, June 8, 2016

T Minus Zero

I admit we are just about in a state of nervous exhaustion here. 

Now that the world knows I forgot Illinois existed.... I think we 
are ready to jump off the face of the earth in the morning and head for Iowa. 

The van was serviced and cleaned out... and is ready to be on the road. 

I have it partially packed, but of course, I am second guessing what I am taking, so 
there may be changes early in the morning. 

No wild-bird-feeding while I am gone... but Keith is going to keep the 
pots and the straw bale garden watered.  We do have rain back in the picture, but it 
is a week out. 

Last minute pictures of the garden.  I transplanted flowers from the old house 
last summer, I didn't realize I transplanted ditch lilies. 

The yellow asclepias are blooming nicely, and I am thinking the orange did not make it.  

Yes, it's time to do something about this bed, but it can wait five more days. 

Jester does not have a care in the world.  
  I'm am praying he travels well. 

All buckets are now upside down, so we don't find anything else like this. 

We are still working on mouse eradication, and the pest man will be 
here sometime in the next two days.  I HATE KILLING. 

Keith has some big changes coming in the next few weeks for his medications... and it really does mean we need to get the mouse problem under control. 

Even if it means no feeding birds. 

We walked early this morning... but this bathing beauty was already in the pasture pond. 

And this beautiful bird posed for me down the road. 

I am trying to find out what the white things are by it's eyes. 

They were on both sides. They almost look like fly eggs. 

I want to ask everyone to say a little prayer for Deb, me, Jester and Stella Rose as we 
set out tomorrow for the Blogville Awesome Retreat. 

I am going to try to post from Indiana... but if I can't for some reason, 
I'll post on Facebook and Instagram as Mary Ann Yoder (might be Ksredhead1950 on Instagram). 

Hope to show you all what a great time we are having! 


  1. Get some Guinea hens; they'll take care of the mice!

  2. Safe travels! We want loads of pictures and stories when you get back.
    Have fun! ! !

  3. Praying for a safe and happy trip for you all !

  4. Have a wonderfully, fun and safe trip. Look forward to all the stories.

  5. I avoid FB but love Instagram, so I just started following you! Prayers are following you, too. Remember, if God still has work for you to do, He will preserve you to do it. And if your work is done, well, it's time for the reward!

  6. have a safe trip and lots of fun!

  7. Have a safe trip! We hope Jester travels well. It should help he is no stranger to riding in a vehicle.

  8. Hey Jester and Mary Ann!
    Wow, my peeps and crabby girls are so glad they got to meet you both at BAR! Jester, they said you are so wonderfully furiendly and gave excellent slurps. I think my peeps wanted to dog-nap you and keep you for themselves. BOL. Mary Ann, they said you were delightful to visit with and they enjoyed your company very much. We are all so very lucky to have one another for furiends and meeting in the furs is such a special treat. Hope you had a super and uneventful trip back home.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge and Staff

  9. Bow wow, hello! My name is Christmas and I'm a Dachshund running for mayor of Blogville. I decided to stop by and bark hello! I learned about Jester from the BAR Facebook page. My mom and I had our flat displayed at the BAR in case my festive name sounds familiar. If you'd like you can check out my blog and follow us, too!

    Your new friend,

  10. Hey Mary Ann and Jester...we are thrilled to find your blog and see your beautiful photos.
    It was so nice meeting your in the furs and flesh.
    Hugs madi and Mom


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