Sunday, June 26, 2016

Catch Up

We have had a long week here, with Keith having some medical problems. 
We hope to have those ironed out this week, and get 
back to regular posting, the weather allowing. 

Yes, it's hot here in Kansas! 

Take a look at our ground: 

Keith and I have missed most of our T Bones games this year, 
his health has not been good this month.  Today, we 
went to the 1:05 PM game.  Clouds came over, 
and Keith left at the fourth inning, and I waited until the 7th to go 
home.  I was praying for rain, and indeed, we had strong storms south of us. 
Eventually, the clouds receded over us, and as of right now... are almost gone. 
No rain in Leavenworth County.  You can see that we need it. 

However, I am watering the containers daily (sometimes several times) and I have been rewarded with 
lots of bloom. 

This is a purple Stella D'Oro... it's gorgeous, and I am so glad I got it. 
It's one of the 2.00 plants I bought at the end of winter. 

This balsam is grown from seeds I saved at the old place ten years ago. 
I love balsam, but a warning... it has to be watered intensely when it's in a container. 
It will lay down and look dead if it has not been. 

The one dollar apiece geraniums are all blooming nicely... mostly pinks. 
There is a zinnia plant right in their middle!  

I will dig these up in the fall and bring them inside for winter. 

I have so much digging to do in the flower bed, but I am happy with the plants I brought from the old house.  This monarda is one I love (though it will take over if I let it) and the daylilly in front of it is lovely. 

I have lost the name of this one, but it is nice, and large, compared to the others. 

This is a smaller monarda at the far end, and oh my gosh, to see these pictures makes me realize how much digging I have to do!  The thing is, it won't happen in the terrible heat. 

On my way to the game today, I ran by the Ag Hall to check on the chickens... it was so hot yesterday and Friday.  They were mostly inside, smart birds.  I replenished food and water, and left them alone again.  They have plenty of room in their big new henhouse! 

We are still feeding birds here, too: 

The mockingbird is still feeding at the jelly bowl, I love how he is on tip toes here. 

The finches are still coming, too! 

We are remembering those in West Virginia who have suffered so terribly this week in our prayers. 


  1. Very pretty flowers! Mine are doing well this year ... lots and lots of water. I was grateful for the storm this afternoon (saved a little water).

  2. We are having a drought as well. It rained a little last night and should rain a little today. Hope Keith is feeling better soon.

  3. The heat is terrible on a healthy person. I'm sorry Keith is still feeling bad. I do hope that all works out and he gets on the mend soon.

    Flood in one place, fire in another. Prayers sent for all.

    I love the purple flower, not familiar with it. The daylillies are gorgeous too. I planted several containers this year and am paying the price of having to water every day.

  4. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL... OH a Mockingbird... we LOVE to hear their songs...

  5. Pretty flowers. Those are some smart chickens
    Lily & Edward

  6. I've seen the ground get like that here in West Virginia, but it's been a long time.

  7. We kept having pretend rain clouds all weekend but nothing happened, we love that bee balm my mom cannot get it to grow for some reason, your pots all look wonderful, we know they are a lot of work. We loved at the bird on his tip toes. stella rose

  8. That is one heck of a dry crack in the ground! It must be feast or famine there when it comes to rain. We hope Keith gets squared away with what is causing him troubles!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. your flowers are wonderful! what do you feed them? mine pale in comparison! we are SO dry here!

  10. Beautiful flowers! Were hoping Keith gets to feeling better soon.
    Glads you both made it to the ball game

  11. I do hope Keith is doing better now. You sound about like me. I want rain for the crops so badly. I do like your flowers.

  12. I love the Stella D' Oro daylily, I also have Happy Returns which is a yellow Stella. This year I bought a new one, Stella Supreme, another yellow with a "citrus fragrance"! It is about to bloom, can't wait! I LOVE the color of your beebalm, I bought a pink one this year, love their fragrance!


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