Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If You Can Stand It...

More garden pictures! 

Who says you can't garden in containers? 

I got these seeds as a gift from a friend 3 years ago.  They are re-seeding... and they took a beating this morning in our short rainstorm.  By this evening, they were coming back up. 

The straw bales are going great guns!  The vines are a little sun-burned and I'm going to 
get some shade cloth in the next few days. 

There are tomatoes on all four plants, we are going to be inundated. 

As you see, the pickling cuke vines are doing great. 

The remaining watermelon vine is doing great, too. 

It's way in the distance, but the little library at the Basehor City Park is 
now on a masonry base. 

And this is one of six trees that is changing color at the same park.  My guess is 
it's transplant shock, but six!!!!

Our walks have been curtailed in the terrible weather of the last ten days, 
but we expect a few days of respite the rest of the week, so will try to walk again, and take some pictures of nature. 


  1. It looks like every thing there is growing nicely despite the heat you've had. It's nice it's to be cooler there for you, You need a break. It's nice here today and hopefully I'll get outside a bit, the weeds are growing and need to go.

  2. I'm using the treadmill at work during break. It is too hot to walk outside. And since I leave so early cannot do it in the AM. When I get home, I pick the garden, water my containers, do animal chores, do supper, etc.

    I do have several Leslie walking tapes, but have not been doing them because ....heck, it's been 8:30 or 9 PM before I get to sit down.

    Hope all is well, stay cool.


  3. There are all kinds of great containers for gardening in, and it looks like you've found some! :) The straw bale gardening is fascinating! I have another friend who is doing an entire huge garden (Amish size) in straw bales. I'm anxious to see how that one does too.

  4. Your garden is looking good
    Lily & Edward

  5. We wish we had cukes and tomatoes!! Looking good!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. You are such a good flower and vegetable gardener. stella rose


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