Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Driving Around the County

I showed you this picture of flooded fields from Stranger Creek the other day. 

Here it is today: 

Hmmmm kind of a hazy picture.... 
but... you get the picture.  The water has receded. 

I actually drove out there after Jax's game tonight... and went all the way to the bridge. 

There is still a LOT of water in the creek, but we are not expecting rain for a week or so now. 

I know a lot of farmers who are happy about that. 

I took this the other day. 

Actually, there were three. 

I am trying to remember to check my settings before snapping that first picture! 

This absolutely GORGEOUS bird is a green heron, my first ever! 

I ran over to the Ag Hall on Monday to check on the chickens, and 
saw him.  I could not believe my eyes. 

The straw bales are doing... okay.  I am going to work on them tomorrow. 

I think I am not watering enough, and was depending on the rain. 
Tomorrow they get water and fertilizer. 

(The grass growing is okay) 

I have only lost two plants, a cucumber and a watermelon.  

Even though it was bitten off.... it is regenerating.  See that hole????  Hmmmm. 

My faithful Jester is on mouse patrol.  Since I took this picture on Monday, 
I have removed more of these things from the patio.  We are trying to follow the 
mouse man's guidelines, and I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  

I am VERY close to stopping feeding for a few days while I am 
gone to the Blogville Awesome Retreat in Indiana from the 8th thru 
the 12th. 

I had to run to the store on Monday afternoon, and I took the camera. 
I stopped at Angel Falls Trail and walked down to see how the creek 
was flowing since the rains. 

I could hear it before I saw it. 

(Holy cow, I have NEVER Had a video load on Blogger as fast as that one! 

Turn it up if you can, so you can hear it. 

So... we have hired a company to get the mouse situation under control here. 

I can't bear killing ANYTHING, let alone a mouse.  I told the young man we could not do sticky traps, I can't torture.  He is snap trapping and coming daily to empty them. 

We are not winning at the moment.  We ARE down about 20 mice in the last week. 

I took it outside.  I'm sure it's back in here somewhere tonight. 

Thank heavens I am plugging the drain and the garbage disposal at night, and 
now you see why. 


  1. Glad the water has receded and it's drying out for you. It's amazing how you keep finding new things to take pictures of. They are all wonderful....except maybe the mouse. Hope they are a thing of the past soon.

  2. Wow...that's a lot of water!! I'm glad things are drying out a bit there. Feast or famine, so it seems.

  3. The mice are looking for a dry safe spot too.

  4. Those mice are SO cute; I couldn't kill them, either. But neither can I stand the thought or sight of mouse pee, poop, and damage in my house. Sigh....

  5. Sure is pretty in your neck of the woods
    Lily & Edward

  6. Removing mouse hiding and nesting places is indeed important--indoors and outside.

    My favorite mouse memory: We were eating dinner one night when my sister got a strange look on her face then yelled, "He has a mouse!" Needless to say, we all scrambled to find our cat and the mouse.

  7. We can't see the video! Did you say 20 mice?? YIKES! Our mom would not sleep at night knowing those mice could run across her toes. The house across the street had 20 mice one year cuz they are the only thing between us and the mousy mountain. Nice job on the Heron! See you soon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Wow,, all that water!!! And then it was gone!
    Beautiful photos Mary Ann

  9. Too bad Wave and Evie could not visit you. You'd have no mouses in no time!


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