Tuesday, June 7, 2016

And The Days Fly By

Oh.  My. Goodness. 

I got "As" in Geography in school, really, I did. 

Somehow... I forgot Illinois was in between Iowa and Indiana. 
I am making final preps for the Blogville Awesome Retreat this weekend, 
and am driving not straight over to Brown County State Park in Indiana... an 8 hour drive from where we live... but up to Iowa to pick up my friend Deb and Stella Rose Long, her pug.  

Thence across the state of Illinois. 

All I can say is, I am mighty stressed. 

For some reason I thought we were driving straight across Iowa and into 
Indiana.  Wow. 

Here is something that stressed me out this morning, too: 

This is the beautiful park at Basehor where the dogs and I go 
nearly daily to walk. 

Yesterday, Jester was very sick, and we visited our Dogtor. We did not walk. 

When we got to the park this morning, it was to find the back end of 
the park leveled... and a driveway made around the community garden area at the back, and clear up the west side of the park, under the beautiful trees, some of which will be removed. 

Friends... this made me sick.  This park was pristine at the back... and now the gardeners 
will have to put up with cars making a circle around the park.  I will try to 
take better pictures tomorrow so you can see what has happened.  See that 
beautiful view?  Imagine cars coming up it!  It is only feet from the volleyball 

I don't know whose hare-brained idea this was, but I don't like it. 

Here is our little doll, who was so terribly sick.  He could not hold anything down. 
The doctor finally gave him a sub-Q dose of anti-inflammatory to calm his 
stomach down.  He was given special dog food and two kinds of 
meds.  He will be going on a diet as soon as we have returned from: 

Where we will meet all our friends in the furs! 

We actually have one attendee coming from overseas... 
and though you see Lilly here, she is staying home with daddy. 

Two of our attendees bumped into each other at a rest stop today, out of the blue... both coming from the west coast, so Murphy and Stanley, the Two Cool Doodz... (goldendoodles top center) met 
Artie and Dory, the two well-dressed Shitzus in the lower left corner.  
Hailey and Zaphod (shepherd types in the second row) are also coming from Kansas. 

Madi, the one cat you see, will be represented by her Mom. 

We are at T minus 1, and Stella Rose Long (the black pug in the first row) will 
be traveling with us, along with her mom. 

This should be good. 

We are going to try to broadcast live from Brown County State Park, Indiana, 
during the BAR. 

I have turned over all buckets so this won't happen again.   I asked Keith to please be aware that 
we are still dealing with baby mice.  I am finding LOTS dead.  You know it hurts me 
to kill anything... and we did try live trapping... but for Keith's medical sake... they had to go. 
I am going to touch base with the exterminator in the morning.   While I am gone, all feeding will stop. 
Keith will fill one water receptacle as he waters my plants daily in the heat, but 
he is not going to feed.  We need to break a little bit of the chain here. 

I just read that paragraph... sorry for the choppy sentences! 

I let that mouse go, of course.  

We did go for a walk very early this morning, and lo and behold, the geese and the turkeys were feeding together in the same field again. 

Back deck feeding will stop, too, while I am gone.  It is supposed to be hot and humid, and I don't want to have to worry about hummingbird feeders. 

Look what I found the other day: 

I had cleaned it two days before.  I had to take a toothpick and clean the individual 
little spouts to the bells, because they were bad.  I soaked it good, cleaned everything with a brush, and have been cleaning them daily, since. 

I have a friend who stopped feeding because she was worried about keeping them clean enough. 

I enjoy seeing the little visitors, so I am going to soldier on for a while. 

Besides finishing packing, I am going to build the trellis for my straw bale garden 
tomorrow, so I will show you that in the evening.  
(If I don't stress out) 


  1. That does sound like a long trip for you. Hopefully you'll have some good weather and see lots of wonderful sights along the way.

  2. whooohooo one more sleep.
    stella rose

  3. I hope Jester is feeling better by this time.

  4. I hope you don't stress out. Take a long deep breath in, hold it, let it out :)

  5. Boy oh boy, wish we could go. Are you sure that's where it is BOL
    Lily & Edward


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