Thursday, June 2, 2016

Straw Bales and Dogs

Well, I wrote (yesterday) that my straw bales were not impressing me, 
so when I went out to water and fertilize... I was stunned. 

The sun was so bright it may be hard to see, but right in the middle of the picture... 

Every one of the four tomato plants was blooming! 

The big watermelon vine grew fourfold overnight! 

The little one grew another leaf! 

The cukes need trellising... so Keith is getting me some tee poles tomorrow
so I can build the trellis this weekend.  (you know, in my spare time). 

I am truly impressed.  
They all got water and Miracle Gro tonight. 

Traffic on the porch has slowed.  I have gone back to a bowl and I change 
the jelly out every morning, just to be safe.  I have not seen an oriole in a week, 
but I am seeing the finches and the mockingbird. 

Here's our beautiful red girl at the park a couple of hours ago.  We walked late tonight, and we only walked a quarter of a mile.  Our days of a mile are gone. 

We take our time, these days.   It's as much about enrichment as walking.  

There is a squirrel in that picture... and it had all of her attention. 

I know our golden afternoons are not going to last forever. 

Haying has finally started here... I saw two fields cut.  They should have several days to dry out well.  No pictures... yet. 

This beautiful girl watched us go by on the way home... I stopped on a normally busy road where no cars were coming from either direction to get her picture. 

How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful world! 


  1. You do have a very beautiful world. A quarter mile is plenty for a 77 year old! I bet Lilly enjoys her naps.
    Great garden coming along!

  2. Those tomatoes and cucombers are going to be wonderful and worth the effort !

  3. my tomatoes are growing out of control this year. i wonder if it's the weather or that i started them from seed.

  4. Are you guys watching bird TV out there
    Lily & Edward

  5. That was a great pic with the deer! So excited that the hay is producing a suitable place for the plants to grow!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Our garden is still small because we got it planted so late this year.

    We are blessed and so many folks just don't realize how much so.


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