Thursday, June 16, 2016

One Last Picture

I thought you all would get a kick out of this. 
Jester really picked up being a good traveler over the five days we were 
gone last weekend. 

On Monday morning, he knew I was loading the car again, as I kept leaving the room. 

(the bed was like a throne)

He knew we were about to hit the road. 

One last pee pee in Iowa, and we were on the way home!  

And seeing our beautiful Lilly, who came to greet us as we came in the door. 

So, since Monday, we have had several days too hot to walk, but we 
did manage today and Tuesday.  The problem is, when 
it's so hot... the animals are hiding in the shade. 

We are back to the land where gas is more reasonably priced... 
we paid 2.64 a gallon in Indiana. 

Back to geraniums blooming on the deck, and the herbs coming up well.  

Keith took good care of them while I was gone. 

Flowers are blooming in the in-ground garden, too. 

Yes, I have some cleaning up to do in this bed. 

Love how the ear tags are all lined up :-) These are the mamas from the little pasture pond. 
Their babies were out of the picture to the right, under the shade of a tree. 

I did get one hawk.  

And the back of a rock pigeon that was just beautiful in the sun, at the dump. 

(Recycle station) 

There were geese on the pit-pond at the dump, too. 

But this is the picture I was so glad to get! 

It's a quail, and I had to snap a bunch to get a decently clear one, because if I open the car door, they are up and away.  I finally got her to hold still long enough! 


  1. Hari om
    Hiya! Had some private time this early morn, so catching up a bit on blogs... thankyou for the BAR revisit. It already seems a distant memory as I progress along a very busy trip!!! Was a delight to make your acquaintance and now I have a new blog to folllw! Huggies, YAM xx

  2. He's a little trooper! Just love him.

    Quail are such beautiful creatures. I love hearing them. Have not heard any this year around our place.

  3. As nice as your trip was I bet you are glad to be home. I always enjoy the pictures!

  4. Oh your pictures are as beautiful as ever, you can guess our most favorite one....sweet jes. stella rose

  5. We used to have quail around here, but that was many years ago. I miss them.

  6. The bed looks like a throne BOL
    Lily & Edward

  7. LOVE that QUAIL... and you on the Bed.... WISH we had gas That cheeeeeeeep in Pencil Vane E Ah.


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