Monday, March 28, 2016

Different Pictures

You are really supposed to photograph the 
moon in context with something else, so it's majesty will be apparent. 

This is the unframed uncut version from this morning, with a shorter lens. 


We had an Easter morning suprise!
(that's our side yard) 
In one day, we had rain, snow... and then sunny with mild 
temps, so that the dogs and I had a good walk after I had 
gone to church and Keith and I had had brunch. 

The new portion of the park at Basehor was landscaped 
on Friday, and some terracing was done. 

Just in time! 

There was a runoff creek running through the old and new sections of the park, spilling into the creek whose treeline you see in the distance. 

Park employees have also installed numerous benches on which to rest. 

Last year I had tomatoes in the big barrels on either side of our garage. 

This year, they are planted with perennials, a sage and a heuchera on each side. 
The neat thing is, I got each of these perennials at Grass Pad Nursery, they were 
last year's plants just coming back to life. 

$2.00 a piece. 

Uh huh. 

They will be joined by geraniums. 

This boy was on a pole on Leavenworth Road on our way to the park. 

And this grackle and about a hundred of his friends were in the yard when we got home. 

And this robin serenaded us from above. 

I have been trying to get a Western Meadowlark, and a Killdeer. 

I did pretty well with the meadowlark today.  I LOVE their song. 

We see you, Mama.  (click to enlargen) 

This is our friend hanging out at 155th and Fairmount. 

About 4:30, the phone rang.  It was Keith, who was coming 
home from the store with Chinese for dinner. 

He said "Mary Ann, get the camera and come out through the 
side door, the hawk is here". 

This is the Coopers Hawk that was hiding in the tree on Friday. 
He is watching for cotton rats on the patio. 

I was all Stealth Operations behind him, but he eventually flew. 

These guys were not coming back down, no sirree... until he was good and GONE. 


  1. Look at all those beautiful birds,,, and the moon, yes, so beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful shot of the Meadowlark!!

  3. Fantastic photo's Mary Ann.

    Our property has been sopping wet.

  4. What an Easter surprise you had. Glad it didn't hang around long. Nice you and Keith worked together on getting a great picture of that hawk. Love the picture of all the birds waiting on the line for him to go away.

  5. Lovely moon shot! I have never been able to get a good photo with my simple camera. And way to go, sneaking up on the hawk!

  6. I have read that Hawks like to snack on small pugs........I am boxing mine up and sending them to your house....bahshshahhahahahahha.....wienie.

  7. You got some great shots. We think the meadowlark is the best!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. The moon looks beautiful and so are the wide range of birds
    Lily & Edward

  9. What a beautiful walk. Thank you for taking us with you

  10. you had more snow this year than we did.


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