Thursday, March 17, 2016

Not What I Planned to Post

I went to the park at Basehor earlier this week, a second time, after I had walked the 
dogs.   I got some great pictures... but... today, after some doctor's appointments, 
I got some pictures I want to share with you.

I am going to put these pictures in the order they were taken, 
but know that there were many, many more in between each picture. 

I had not seen the leucistic hawk for several days and was starting to wonder. 

From underneath, you can see there is very little color in his tail... I think it is light pink. 

Double click on a couple of these to see him larger. 

Some of these are a little grainy (like the above picture) because I had to crop them way down... it was a long way away from me.  In this one you can see a little pink in the tail. 

It got ready to come in for a landing. 

Finally he landed, across the pasture. 

He did not like me staying there. 

And off he went again. 

By contrast, this regular-colored red tail flew past me down the road about a mile. 

And off into a pasture there. 

"She likes that hawk better than us, Betty."


  1. Fantastic photos! Your camera does and awsome job! Those hawks are beautiful!

  2. I've never seen a white(ish) hawk, but I have seen an albino grey fox and an albino purple grackle.

  3. Really neat pictures Mary Ann.

  4. A truly magnificent animal!


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